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Surugadai Campus

  • Digital Hollywood University's Surugadai Campus is located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo and it is one minute walk from JR Ochanomizu Station (Hijiribashi Exit).
  • There are two entrances to Ochanomizu Sola City Building. The right side entrance labelled 'Sola City Academia' is the access point to Digital Hollywood University.
  • The entrance hall with vivid orange-colored walls welcomes students and visitors. Tables and chairs are arranged aroud the reception area.
  • The lounge area with sofas offers an open and comfortable space for students and lecturers to relax and talk.
  • The lecture room named Surugadai Hall is used for courses and various kinds of events. It features a stylish and unique atmosphere.
  • The university's media library holds various kinds of media from general to technical books, digital media, magazines and DVDs. Also, study and communication spaces are available for students. In the communication space, meeting equipment including a whiteboard and projector is available.
  • The student dining hall offers daily lunch specials, snacks and bevarages. The hall also has artificial grass where students can relax with a nice view.

Hachioji Production Studios

Our Production Studios are nestled in lush green grounds and fitted with various facilities.
This campus is furnished with a stylish PC room and project rooms, as well as facilities for relaxing and resting that can be used during training camps. It is used for filming and our students' sports activities.

  • The entrance of the production studios, which could also be called its "face". Season by season, one can see the differing "facial expressions" of this entrance surrounded by natural beauty.
  • A simple and modern space which heightens one's creative ambitions.
  • The project room, where meetings about artistic productions and other activities are held. It is a multipurpose room used for studying, reading, and many other pursuits.
  • The PC room, enveloped by silence and featuring a bright ambiance. The establishment of a comfortable space allows for an environment where it is easy to focus on making creative work.
  • The gym which allows you to sweat to your heart's content. Digital Hollywood University students can freely use this facility for club activities.
  • The sports ground which also allows you to sweat to your heart's content. If you're a Digital Hollywood University student, you can freely use this facility for club activities.