Introduction of DHU Graduate School

Master of Digital Content Management = Business x Creative x ICT

The Digital Content Management Course of Digital Hollywood Graduate School, is a professional graduate school established for business people. It aims to prepare students to become a person who initiates changes in society by making use of digital communication in the super-information society from the 21st century.

At completion of the course, students will receive a master’s degree in digital content management (DCM). By integrating the fields of Business, Creativity and ICT (Information & Communication Technology), it is a master’s degree that proves the ability of production for using digital technology and content to create new industries and culture.

Digital Hollywood Graduate School


Digital Hollywood Graduate School (DHGS) offers the system for Japanese business people and international students to continuously learn through unique curriculum. The following six characteristics equip students with practical approaches and network that go beyond the scope of general knowledge, which are not found in other Japanese graduate schools.


Without having previous experience, the curriculum aims to increase expertise by establishing a foothold in business, creativity and ICT.

As long as there is passion and vision, there is no need for students to have specialized knowledge and knowledge in the digital industry. Because the curriculum covers basic knowledge in business planning, software and hardware, as well as basic courses for creative skills, students can focus on taking subjects they want to learn in accordance with their own goals. They can systematically acquire the ability to take a challenge for realizing their goals on new content development and ideal business.


With a focus on the production of prototype, students learn to form their ideas into services and products with high feasibility.

For completion of the course, an emphasis is placed not only on business plans but also prototype production. By acquiring highly effective prototype, students not only understands a desk theory but also acquires the ability to lead their understanding to start their career in real life smoothly. The specialized courses enable students to acquire the abilities and expose them to the approaches that can be sublimed to services, applications and products from ideas with the help of faculty members in practical business who are in the front lines of the industry.


Among private universities, DHGS boasts a proven track record of producing ventures and ranks third, followed by Waseda University and Keio University.

With its unique curriculum, DHGS ranks top in the number of venture companies produced. Among private universities, it ranks third, followed by Waseda University and Keio University. DHGS also works together with venture capital to have an opportunity to make a presentation of business plans to investors to assist fund procurement. It provides students with the opportunity to be in the environment where many businesses are born. The network of people in the industry through faculty members also creates a large opportunity to realize business.


The stimulation of the alumni network of 70,000 graduates and international student body comes from many countries

Through the graduates’ association of Digital Hollywood that has 70,000 graduates, DHGS offers an opportunity to recruit human resources and assist business matching. Students will enjoy the opportunity to generate many business chances through collaborative projects with corporations and projects with faculty members by taking part in research lab. Additionally, our international student body comes from 26 countries and is in a wide age range from age 22 to 60. This also facilitates the creation of unknown ideas that go beyond generations and borders.


Classes are offered on weekdays at night and Saturdays and Sundays. Eligible students can also take advantage of special scholarship program that provides an exemption of tuition fees.

Classes are only held on weekdays at night and Saturdays and Sundays. 70% of all classes are held after 9 pm on weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays, so that students working full-time in Japan can easily attend classes. To assist students better, students can watch videos of recorded classes to follow up their studies when they miss a class or review their lessons. Additionally, DHGS offers special scholarship to excellent international students and of tuition fees exemption. For details, please refer to the entrance exam information.


Creative strength that stretches from the collaboration with university and vocational school.

Digital Hollywood Group operates an undergraduate program (four-year university) and vocational school. Through the collaboration of graduate school students who excel at developing business plans and engaging in project management with undergraduate students and vocational school students who display great ability as a content developer, the project completes from planning and content development within the campus. DHGS also offers well-developed lectures that students can watch teaching materials for free. Students are also taught by expert instructors who develop creators at the vocational school to acquire production skills and understand the practical, creative work simultaneously.


Students spend two years attaining a visionary conception ability to practice construction and execution.
Through the step-by-step curriculum from basic courses, specialized courses to field research courses (Lab), students systematically and effectively attain three areas of business, creativity and ICT. In addition, the completion assignment lets students work on practical research to aim for the development of business plans and the commercialization of content, services and products that they developed.

Basic courses

Students equip the knowledge, sense and abilities that form the foundation for talented personnel that leads the future half a step ahead to understand the basic skills in production.

Specialized courses

Students acquire specialized knowledge and practical approaches of the integrated domain of each field through lectures and seminars.

Field research courses (Lab)

Classes are offered in small group and seminar setting. Students develop, execute and verify business plans and content to acquire the abilities of execution and management.

Completion assignment

As a compilation of research, students submit business plans, prototype or master’s thesis that has novelty and matches the needs in the industry.

Presentation meeting of excellent work (DHGS Collection)

  • DHGS holds a presentation meeting, DHGS Collection, to showcase graduate students’ research outcome at the end of each academic year (from late February to early March)
  • It exhibits graduate students’ assignment before the completion of their coursework, which includes new business plans and demo contents. Students’ projects are selected among the research outcomes completed in the field research courses (lab) by the selection committee to introduce their excellent work.
  • “DHGS Collection” is a collection of the year’s best projects created by DHGS students and showcases what DHGS has to offer in full blast.
  • DHGS welcomes DHGS’s current students and graduates, and corporations and people who are looking for investment projects, as well as the general public and those who are interested in studying at DHGS.

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Faculty consisting the DHGS

DHGS’s faculty consists of industrial experts who have prominent on-the-job experience in ICT, content industry and business world. The faculty members relate to the vision of DHGS and offer front-line classes so as to develop human resources who can bear next-generation business. Some of the faculty members are introduced from each domain of B, C and I as follows:

Category Name Title Introduction Responsible subjects
Business field Professor Masahiro SATO CEO of Glo Navi Co., Ltd. He joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) in 1992 and engaged in marketing and corporate planning operations. In 1999, he took part in the launch of free ISP provider, Livedoor, Inc. and took charge in corporate strategy and business development. In 2002, he assumed the office of the executive director for corporate planning at Digital Hollywood. In 2005, he launched Glo Navi Co., Ltd, a company for assisting growth of human resources and corporations, offering consulting services for talent development, development of e-learning system and the operation of portal site for seminars and exchange meetings. At DHGS, he presides over the Effective Learning Lab (Masahiro Sato Lab) that intends to create new education that utilizes digital technologies. He is a front runner in the EdTech field, which is the movement aimed at creating innovation in education through technologies. He broadly communicates cutting-edge trends in education x ICT by producing the EdTech JAPAN Pitch Festival, which is an event for disseminating ideas of the EdTech start-up, and the EdTech support program, EdTechCamp, with the collaboration of large corporations. He also serves as a mentor and judge for numerous incubation programs such as Docomo Innovation Village, Start-up Weekend, Viling Venture Partners and much more. Effective Learning Lab
Creative field Professor Tadafusa HONDA CDC Planner of Dentsu Inc. He worked as a web designer while he was a law student at Sophia University. After graduation, he worked at Yahoo! JAPAN, CyberAgent, Coca-Cola, beacon communications and GROUND before getting the current post. He is extensively active in various fields centering on communication strategy planning for national clients. Communication Design Lab
ICT field Professor Natsuo KODA CEO of Integral Vision Inc. He was engaged in R&D of three-dimensional computer graphics technology at SONY-Kihara Research Center. He also took part in product development of video games and car navigation system. In July 2007, he established Huge Scale Reality Inc. to research and develop various 3DCG applied technologies. Currently, he is a CEO of Integral Vision Inc. He is extensively active as a book writer, lecturer and an instructor while focusing on the development of next-generation engineers. Service Prototype Seminar/Product Prototype Seminar/Interactive Real-time Content Lab

Other faculty members


All of the entrance exams, classes and research guidance are provided in Japanese. For details, please check our website (Japanese only).

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