Study Abroad Program 2014-16

Digital Hollywood University : Study Abroad Program 2015-2016 Digital Hollywood University

DHU's Study Abroad Program

Our Study Abroad program gives international students the opportunity to study for one semester or a year at Digital Hollywood University (DHU). We offer Study Abroad students the opportunity to live abroad and socialize with our students while gaining academic credit as a part of degree studies at your home institution. As a Study Abroad student, you will receive a warm welcome onto our campus. We invite you to join us for the experience of a lifetime.

About Digital Hollywood University

Since 1994 Digital Hollywood (DH) has been a leading provider of tertiary digital content education in Japan, specializing in particular in web design, graphic design, computer graphics, visual effects, programming and Japanese animation. Many of DH’s vocational school graduates have gone on to have prominent developing careers in leading Japanese and international content firms. During 2004 and 2005, with the approval of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) DH established full graduate and undergraduate programs in digital content and now around 980 undergraduate and 196 graduate students are undertaking specialist studies. The university initiatives were made possible through the strong support that DH was able to draw upon from the Japanese content industry and a key principle of our curriculum remains utilizing leading industry professionals and commentators as instructors.

An Ideal Location

DHU is located in Kanda-Surugadai, Ochanomizu where has been the center of education and research and accommodates several universities. Akihabara, Tokyo’s world famous electric town, is within easy walking distance from the campus. Akihabara has many specialized stores, electronics department stores, and theme restaurants (maid cafes) offering the broad range of Japanese popular contents such as Anime, Game, Manga and Fashion which is what made Akihabara world-famous. Residents and visitors continuously discover the blending of the traditional Japanese culture with the dynamic trend of Japanese sub-culture, making Akihabara a truly special place.
This city regarded as a place must-visit has gracefully outgrown "Electronics district" to “Japanese pop culture hub”. Yet in the face of its ongoing evolution, Akihabara always manages to retain its charm and excitement in spades. Having campus in Akihabara located in the center of Tokyo encourages you to spend a learning time in a related environment that gives you a hands-on experience on-the-spot. We hope you enjoy all Akihabara has to offer.

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