Surugadai Campus

Lined with universities, Ochanomizu is one of Japan’s renowned collection centers of knowledge. Akihabara is the center for pop culture that Japan boasts to the world. Digital Hollywood University has its campus in these areas. The campus building is constructed using ultrahigh strength concrete with the latest isolated seismic structure. The campus is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and sophisticated interior space, offering an optimum environment for the development of next-generation talent.

  • Media Library

    From general books, magazines, digital specialized books to foreign books/magazines, the media library offers an extensive collection. Not only books, it also has an array of DVDs and other resources. It is equipped with self-study rooms and areas, as well as a communication lounge.

  • Cafeteria

    The cafeteria has an open, spacious design and overlooks the Hijiri-bashi bridge, where many Japanese movies and animations were staged, as well the Nikolai-do, a national important cultural property. The menu includes daily specials, curry and rice, and much more. Students can use it as a space for relaxation outside meal hours.

  • Lecture Hall

    It is equipped with a state-of-the-art projection equipment and sound system. By connecting three classrooms, the size changes to correspond to the various classes.

  • Entrance

    Featuring sophisticated interior design, it is a space of relaxation and inter-exchange. The entrance board uses orange and white as the base color, which is the DHU’s school color.

  • Lounge

    The lounge features a light-hearted sense of openness, comfort, and atmosphere that welcomes anyone to stop by. You often see students and faculty members sitting down together on a sofa and enjoy conversation.

  • Surugadai Hall

    The design features ceilings with bare pipes like a warehouse, various types of lights create a unique and sophisticated space. The hall can be used for classes but also for various events.

  • MA Room

    The MA Room is a place for recording and editing high quality sound, as well as for synchronizing the sound with the picture. Our MA Room is equipped with the industrial standard audio editing tool, Avid Pro Tools, and offers a workspace equivalent to a professional environment. It also has Mac Pro as the main computer. Also, it is also equipped with a system that edits 4K images.

  • MAC Room

    Lined with 26 Mac machines and equipped with a special dual monitor for showing the instructors' work, students can have a better understanding on how to operate computers.

  • PC Rooms

    High-spec machines are available for hands-on seminars and self-study so that students can review what they have studied in the classroom after class and work on their own projects. In addition, the in-campus network offers a special workstation, boasting high speed communications of 10 GB/s to provide students with a well-equipped production environment.

Hachioji Production Studio

Surrounded by lush green, the studio has well-equipped facility with wide range of gymnasium, playground, sophisticated PC room, project room, accommodation and more.

It is also used for shooting flms and sports activities.

  • Its vast premises allow students to shoot films and produce movies independently. It is equipped with full-fledged facilities where professionals also film TV dramas, movies, and promotional videos.

  • Motion capture is a technology where a computer is used to analyze the movement of a person and object recorded on a camera to create CG effects.

  • A green background is used when shooting videos for character composition and material image data.

  • The PC room offers quiet, bright, and spacious atmosphere, where students can focus on their projects.

  • The project room is used for general purpose project production conferences, studying, and reading.

  • A simple and modern atmosphere for keeping creators’ motivation high.

  • The gymnasium and fields are facilities for students to work up a good sweat. DHU students use the facilities for club activities.

  • A lounge space is perfect for taking a break and communicating with friends.

  • The entrance welcomes people who come to the studio. Surrounded by beautiful natural environment, it is the place where people enjoy the delights of four seasons