Surugadai Campus

Digital Hollywood University is conveniently located between Ochanomizu and Akihabara area. Ochanomizu is a cozy neighborhood in central Tokyo, while Akihabara is the center of Japan’s pop culture. Our campus building is constructed using ultrahigh strength concrete with the latest isolate seismic structure. Our campus is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to enrich hands-on learning experiences for our students.

  • Media Library

    Media Library offers a wide range of book selection from books, magazines, comic book, foreign books and so on. An extensive DVD collection also can be found in the library.The library is equipped with self-study rooms, as well as a computer and a study space.

  • Cafeteria

    The cafeteria has a spacious design and overlooks the famous Hijiribashi Bridge and an Orthodox Cathedral, Nikolai-do. The menu includes daily special, curry rice, and many more items. Some of the tables at the cafeteria are multi-functional that can also be used as a whiteboard for our students to have a discussion with friends while enjoying their meals.

  • Lecture Room

    Lecture rooms are equipped with cutting-edge projection equipment and sound system. The size of the lecture room can be flexibly changed according to the usage.

  • Entrance

    A stylish entrance to welcome students. The wall at the entrance is decorated with white and orange color, which are our university’s color.

  • Lounge

    The lounge features a light-hearted sense of openness, comfort and atmosphere and colorful, comfortable sofas where you will easily find students and faculty members enjoying a conversation.

  • Surugadai Hall

    This hall is a sophisticated space that is used as classroom or school events with capacity over 200 people. The unique design with a warehouse look that makes it stylish.

  • MA Room

    MA room is a place for recording and editing high-quality sound, as well as for synchronizing the sound with pictures. This room is equipped with a high-standard audio editing tool, Avid Pro Tools. It is also equipped with a MacPro and a system that allows the user to edit 4K images.

  • MAC Room

    Mac room is equipped with 20 Mac computers with dual monitors to help students follow and understand the teacher’s instructions better.

  • PC (Windows) Room

    High-spec computers are available for our students to enrich their hands-on learning experiences. This room can also be used as a self-study space for our students to review what they’ve studied and/ or to work in their assignments. In addition, the on-campus network offers a special workstation, boasting high-speed communications of 10GB/s.

  • LabProto

    Equipped with a 3D printer, UV printer, laser cutting and other digital fabrication equipment. In LabProto, students can work on prototyping, graphics production, and other fun projects.

Hachioji Production Studio

Surrounded by nature, Hachioji Production Studio is well-equipped with excellent facilities that allow students to develop their skills. Digital Hollywood University’s focus on hands-on learning is bolstered by the state-of-the-art-facilities including PC room, green room, sports hall, space for students to work on their projects and so on.

  • Spacious Ground

    Its vast premises allow students to shoot films independently. It is also equipped with full-fledged facilities that also used by professionals as a filming location.

  • Green Screen

    This green screen in the background is used in film production to relatively simply place the desired background behind the subject. It basically allows the users to drop in whatever background images during post-production to open up an entirely new and creative playground.

  • Computer Room

    This PC room offers quiet, bright and spacious atmosphere to help students stay focused on their projects.

  • Project Room

    This project room is a general purpose room used for many different functions- presentation, meetings, studying, et cetera.

  • Interior

    A simple yet modern atmosphere to provide a nurturing learning environment for our students to explore their creativity and curiosity.

  • Sports Hall & Field

    The sports hall and field are facilities provided for our students to work up a good sweat to maintain their physical health. It is also used for different extracurricular activities.

  • Lounge

    With its cozy atmosphere, this lounge area will be a perfect place for chit-chat with friends.

  • Entrance

    The entrance of Hachioji Production Studio is surrounded by beautiful greenery where you can enjoy the variety of beautiful scenery during each season throughout the year.