Digital Hollywood University’s entrance exam system is designed to recognize students’ various areas of expertise and high motivation.

DHU welcomes students with various areas of expertise and high motivation from around the world.

The entrance exam incorporates an interview focused on activities during high school and motivation for applying.

DHU wishes to recognize students’ unique experiences and motivation for learning that they have cultivated in their lives. We implement an interview to evaluate the abilities of students from those who studied hard during high school; those who were eagerly engaged in club activities; those who focused on various creative activities of drawing, writing and film making; those who played an active part in sports and cultural events; those who have a detailed knowledge of manga, books, movies, games and music; those who continuously focus on hobbies; those who are actively engaged in volunteer work and those who are highly motivated in learning to make their dreams come true.

Through these various tests, DHU gathers students with various characteristics and specialties. They are all enthusiastic and say they enjoy taking classes. It is because they are learning what they truly want to learn in classrooms. They are learning what they really want to learn by their own choice in order to realize their dreams. That is the principle of Digital Hollywood University.

The entrance exams for international students are held within Japan and outside of Japan as follows:

  • Domestic entrance exam for international students
  • Overseas entrance exam for international students

Admissions Policy

Digital Hollywood University focuses on teaching creativity, ICT and English to teach and research, cultural accomplishments and specialized academic knowledge for students who wish to become human resources who possess the judgment, creativity, and communication abilities. It also opens doors widely to those who wish to contribute to the global society.