Equipping Students with Hands-On-Knowledge and Skills
Nurturing Students to Thrive in the Digital Era

We put our main focus on understanding the fundamentals of digital communications and using computers to create something meaningful. Through a 4-year undergraduate program, we aim to create new value and encourage our student to consider the potential cognitive effects of their creations on the society and to create something more user-friendly, more beautiful and more enjoyable. We hope to foster a growth mindset in our students through experience, knowledge, and skills gained from studying at Digital Hollywood University.

Connecting to the Future

Maximizing the Unique Potential of Each Student Through an Integrated Curriculum

Our integrated curriculum proves a learning environment that offers a coherent education, allowing connections to be made within and across digital communications subjects taught at our university. Faculty of Digital Communications with eight specialized subject areas, including animation, web, game programming, 3DCG, film, business content, graphic design and advanced media technology.

Connecting with Industry

Supporting Students to Realize Their Dreams through a Broad Industry Network

With over 90.000 graduates, Digital Hollywood University has formed a broad network of companies, jobs, and professionals in the content industry. A strong network with the industry and a broad range of employment support offered by our Career Center are the two factor contribute to a high employment rate.

Connecting with Professionals

Learning from Professional Practitioners in the Digital Industry

Faculty members who are actively working in their field, from film director, designers, animator, directors of IT companies. Students will learn hands-on skills and knowledge from the experts.

Connecting with the World

Fostering Global Human Resources through Language Study and Study Abroad Program

In order to thrive in this global society, language skill becomes essential. Digital Hollywood University partnering with universities overseas such as the United States, the United Kingdom et cetera to provide an opportunity for our students to study abroad to broaden their horizons.Moreover, with a high percentage of international students enrolling in Digital Hollywood University, students will be studying in an global environment that connects students from different backgrounds which are believed to enhance the overall learning experiences.

Connecting with Investors

Stimulating Students’ Entrepreneurial Motivation

Digital Hollywood University is ranked the 2nd among private universities in Japan and ranked the 10th among all universities in Japan according to University-Originated Ventures Ranking conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. In addition to our unique curriculum, D ROCKETS, an incubator to offer an investment through entrepreneurial support and alliances with partner companies to support our graduates who are eager to challenge themselves to make an impact and change the world has been set up.

Connecting with Professionals

Inviting Top Creators to Share Their Experiences and Motivating Students

Digital Hollywood University invites top creators as a guest lecturer to speak and share their experiences on campus every year.It proves that our university is recognized not only in Japan but also overseas. Our guest lecturers are invited to share their professional expertise that addresses the leading edge of production technology, a story behind the production, passion for creation.

Connecting with Digital Hollywood Graduates

Providing a Unique Opportunity to Connect With Our Graduates

Every year Digital Hollywood University produces graduates who work in various industries including game, TV, advertising industry and so on. Our graduates play an active part both domestically and internationally. In recent years the number of graduates who start their own business is increasing. Over 90 thousand of our graduates have fulfilled their dreams and we believe they will keep creating a new value in this global society. We are proud to provide a unique opportunity for our students with our graduates who share the same passions and interests.