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School Name Digital Hollywood University
Type of School 4-year university
Number of Students 1,107 *as of Apr 2017
Total faculty members 136 *as of Apr 2017

Surugadai Campus (4-6 KandaSurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Hachioji Campus (1 Matsugadani, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo)

DHU’s 6 characteristics

DHU offers a unique curriculum where students can study systematically in stages within a department and school. Throughout the enrollment of four years, the curriculum provides an opportunity to develop high-level expertise and international awareness, achieve cultural accomplishments, and enhance social skills as human resources who are capable of creating a new future.

  • 1. Integrated curriculum for generating new value in the future

  • 2. A dedicated team of professional faculty members who are active in the content and IT industries

  • 3. DHU’s linguistic education and study abroad program aimed at developing global talent

  • 4. DHU’s unmatched industry network provides opportunities for students to realize their dreams.

  • 5. DHU operates on the quarter system to offer highly effective instruction and freedom of choice

  • 6. Cultural education that becomes the source of knowledge, which is essential in expressing creative ideas