Entrance examination for applicants residing outside Japan

Digital Hollywood University hold entrance examinations in Japan and overseas every year

Overseas Examinations

Besides Japan, entrance examinations are held in the following countries every year.
Application form for each country may differ slightly. Please contact us at daigaku@dhw.ac.jp to get the appropriate application form.

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

Overview of Overseas Examination

Application Requirements

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. The applicant has a nationality other than Japanese and has completed over 12 years of school education outside Japan, or those who are recognized as having academic skills equivalent to or higher.
  2. The applicant aims to study at DHU and after being admitted to DHU, the applicant is eligible to obtain or renew the residence status of study abroad under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
  3. The applicant must have passed level N2 of Japanese language proficiency test or obtained 200 points or higher in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, or has equivalent competence.

Entrance Examination

All aplicants shall take an interview examination after submitting the application form along with other required documents.

During the interview examination, the applicants will be ask to introduce themselves and explain their plan, including their reasons to study in Japan, their interest in digital content field, their past experiences and future goals.
Please note that the interview examination takes roughly 20 minutes and will be conducted in Japanese.

Application Documents

Application form along with other required document shall be submitted before theadeadline mentioned in the application form.

Required Documents

※Form for documents highlighted orange can be found on guidebook
[Digital Hollywood University
Guidelines for Foreign Applicants].
Documents to be submitted Remarks
1. Application form,admission ticket for examination,photograph slip Must be written by the applicant. Please note that there is a possibility your application may be denied due to any omission or misdeclaration.
2. Graduation Certificate High school and university graduation certificate, or certificate of expected graduation if the applicant has not graduated.
※Please submit the original document. If the original copy cannot be submitted in case of special and unavoidable circumstances, please submit certified true copy of these documents.
※If the applicant has graduated from a university, please submit both high school and university certificate graduation.
3. Academic transcript Academic transcript issued by high school or university the applicant graduated from.
※Please submit the original copy. If the original copy cannot be submitted in case of special and unavoidable circumstances, please submit certified true copy of these documents.
※If the applicant has graduated from a university, please submit both high school and university academic transcript.
4. Academic transcript, attendance report, graduation certificate issued by Japanese language school Attendance record, academic transcript and certificate of graduation (If the applicant has not graduated, please submit certificate of expected graduation) from language school attended after entering Japan.
5. Statement of purpose Reason for application, regarding the applicant’s desired field study or research
6. Activities report Mandatory document
7. Self-recommendation report Mandatory document
8. Financial support statement Letter of guarantee to pay tuition fee and other expenses during the applicant’s stay in Japan. Shall be written by sponsor.
9. Personal Record Please use the form specified and fill in all the required fields.
10. Passport copy Please submit a photocopy of the page of the applicant’s passport showing the applicant’s name, birth date, passport number, photograph and expiration date.
11. Residence card copy If the applicant hold a residence card, please submit a photocopy of both sides of the card.
12. Entrance examination transfer request form, proof of payment Please submit any documents that confirm the payment made.
For overseas remittance, please submit a proof of remittance.
  • * Please provide a Japanese or English translation certified by the Embassy, notaries or other public institutions along with documents written in a language other than Japanese, English and Chinese.
  • * If there is any supporting document other than mentioned above that shows the applicant’s academic achievements, please submit them along with other required documents. (For example: JLPT, EJU result announcement, et cetera)

Application Documents Submission

It is recommended to send your application form via post with Express Mail Service (EMS) or registered post mail to the following address:

  Digital Hollywood University - Admission Office
  Ochanomizu Sola City Academia 4F
  4-6 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0062, Japan

Application Fee

JPY 10,000 (for a single exam date)

The applicant can pay the application fee through overseas remittance (bank transfer) or PayPal (credit card payment). If you wish to make a payment via PayPal, please contact us at daigaku@dhw.ac.jp

Please find below account information for those who wish to pay the application fee through bank transfer. Please make sure to keep the bank transfer receipt and send it with other application documents.

ACCOUNT No. 1905830
ACCOUNT NAME Digital Hollywood University
ACCOUNT ADDRESS Ochanomizu sola city Academia 4th Floor, 4-6
Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • * If there are separate fees (international remittance handling fee and the fees to be paid to the remittee’s bank) required by local financial institution where the payment is transferred from, be sure to pay at a bank separately from the above amount.
  • * All of the bank fees must be paid by the person making a remittance.
  • * Be sure to make a remittance in cash (Japanese yen). We do not accept checks and other securities.
  • * Be sure to make a wire transfer under the name of a student taking an entrance exam.
  • * When making a wire transfer for a screening fee through a family member or acquaintance living in Japan, the remitter must send a copy of transfer request to the admission office. In addition, be sure to write the name of a student taking the entrance in the Remarks column.
  • * Please note that once the screening fee is paid, we cannot refund it for any reason.