Entrance examination for applicants residing outside Japan

Entrance examinations will be held in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Entrance examinations for international transfer students will be held in above countries.

Number of students admitted into the University and Entrance Exam Schedule

  • Beijing I
  • Shanghai I
  • Beijing II
  • Shanghai II
  • Seoul
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Information on application documents for international admissions

Application Requirements

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. The applicant has a nationality other than Japanese and has completed over 12 years of school education outside Japan, or those who are recognized as having academic skills equivalent to or higher.
  2. The applicant aims to study at DHU and after being admitted to DHU, the applicant is eligible to obtain or renew the residence status of study abroad under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
  3. The applicant must have passed level N2 of Japanese language proficiency test or obtained 200 points or higher in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, or has equivalent competence.

Screening Method

The individual interview (20 mins) will be conducted.

At an interview, the applicant presents themselves within three minutes at the beginning and then an interviewer asks questions, such as the content of self-presentation, reason for application, future goals, interest in digital content and past activities. Students’ motivation for learning, creativity, judgement, communication skills and Japanese skills are screened in a comprehensive manner.

Application Documents

  • Please submit original certificates and transcript.
  • The applicant must complete all sections neatly, preferably typed, referring to the instruction on the forms. If handwritten, make sure your writing is legible and use a black pen or black ballpoint pen. Pencil is not allowed. Submitted application documents will not be returned.
  • If the name on the certificate is not exactly the same as the name on your passport, please submit the proof of identity be the embassy or certified notary public.
  • Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you wish to get back the original of diploma. (Be sure to write the name and return address on the return envelope)
Application (application form, exam admission ticket and photograph slip) Please use the forms provided by DHU.
The forms written by someone else are not accepted. Insufficient or incomplete paperwork may not be accepted and students may not take an entrance exam.
Certificate of Graduation Certificate of Graduation or a certificate of prospective graduation issued by the high school or university, etc., from which the application has graduated.
* Please submit original copies. Those who are unable to submit original copies for a compelling reason must submit a certified true copy (a copy certified by the school graduated from, embassy, notary public and other public agency stating proper copy from original).
* For applicants who have graduated from university, graduation certificates from both high school and university must be submitted.
* For applicants whose years of education are less than 12 years including high school due to the education system of the country where they are from, and have completed a preparatory education course to enter universities in Japan (including prospects) must submit the certificate of completion (certificate of prospective completion.)
Academic Transcript A transcript issued by high school or university, etc., from which the applicant has graduated.
* Please submit original copies. Those who are unable to submit original copies for a compelling reason must submit a certified true copy (a copy certified by the school graduated from, embassy, notary public and other public agency stating proper copy from original).
* For applicants who have graduated from university, graduation certificates from both high school and university must be submitted.
Results from Japanese Language Proficiency Test or Overseas Study Examinations. Students who have documents as provided below, which evaluate and prove their achievements, academic performance and linguistic ability other than above, must submit such documents. (E.g.: Scores of the Japanese language proficiency test and the Examination for Japanese University Admission)
Guarantor's statement of Financial support This document is a declaration of applicants’ financial assets to prove that they will be able to pay their tuition and other expenses (about JPY2 million for the first year) during their stay in Japan.
Persons who are paying the expenses must fill out the form specified by DHU in their own writing.
Please use the financial guarantee statement form specified by DHU.
You may also download it from the following website.(*written in Japanese)
URL: http://www.dhw.ac.jp/entrance/exam
Financial guarantor’s bank statement Those of the guarantor name , about 2 million yen worth of certificate of deposit balance in Japanese Yen.
* Please submit those acquired within three months .
Certifying documents for relationships between applicant and financial guarantor Documents that can prove the applicant of the relationship between the guarantor (A copy of the family register)
Employment Certificate or Corporate recording list of financial guarantor Certificate of tax payment or Income Certificate, Stock distribution this certificate of financial guarantor
* The certificate should show annual income for the past 3 years at the least. (Every year)
A copy of Passport Applicants must submit a copy of passport page showing full name, date of birth, passport number, photograph and expiration date.
A transfer receipt for screening fee Be sure to submit a copy of transfer receipt.
Statement of Purpose Applicants who are taking the AO entrance exam or self-recommendation entrance exam must submit it.
* The form specified by DHU must be used.
  • * Please contact the school office for inquiries regarding application documents.
  • * DHU will not accept inadequate documents. Also, submitted documents will not be returned.
  • * The personal information of applicants provided on application documents will be managed strictly in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and will not be used for purposes other than the provision of instructions and information related to the entrance exam for applicants.

Be sure that all the necessary documents are prepared and send them to the following address via EMS (Express Mail Service) or registered post by air mail.

3F Ochanomizu sola city Academia, 4-6 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0062, Japan
Admissions Office, Digital Hollywood University

  • * Application documents must be postmarked by the final date of the application period.
  • * DHU accepts no responsibility for any accident occurred in the mails.
  • * Be sure to make a copy of each submitted document and store in a safe place.

Application fee/payment method

JPY 10,000 (for a single exam date)

Be sure to send the payment for an application fee to the following bank account in Japanese yen by each application deadline. Please send a copy of payment slip along with other application documents.

  • Remittance method: International wire transfer
  • Payment method: Advice payment
  • Currency: Japanese yen
  • Remittance amount: Total amount of screening fee the student is taking.
ACCOUNT No. 1905830
ACCOUNT NAME Digital Hollywood University
ACCOUNT ADDRESS Ochanomizu sola city Academia 4th Floor, 4-6
Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • * If there are separate fees (international remittance handling fee and the fees to be paid to the remittee’s bank) required by local financial institution where the payment is transferred from, be sure to pay at a bank separately from the above amount.
  • * All of the bank fees must be paid by the person making a remittance.
  • * Be sure to make a remittance in cash (Japanese yen). We do not accept checks and other securities.
  • * Be sure to make a wire transfer under the name of a student taking an entrance exam.
  • * When making a wire transfer for a screening fee through a family member or acquaintance living in Japan, the remitter must send a copy of transfer request to the admission office. In addition, be sure to write the name of a student taking the entrance in the Remarks column.
  • * Please note that once the screening fee is paid, we cannot refund it for any reason.

Enrollment procedure

On behalf of students who have passed the entrance exam, DHU applies for the authorization of resident eligibility to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. Students must complete the process by making the payment and submitting the necessary documents in accordance with the document for admission procedure sent along with an acceptance letter. In addition, students who did not complete the procedure within a specified period are deemed to abandon the qualification for enrollment.

Upon receipt of the document for admission procedure, DHU will send the authorization of resident eligibility obtained by DHU to successful applicants via EMS (Express Mail Service) or registered post by air mail. Successful applicants are asked to request the issue of a study abroad visa at the Japanese Embassy or the Consulate General of Japan.

  • * Because the Ministry of Justice undertakes the review of acquiring the authorization of resident eligibility, which DHU applies on behalf of students, DHU assumes no responsibility if the student is disapproved.

Japanese language education

All of the classes, except some courses, are provided in Japanese. Also, most of English courses are taught in both English and Japanese.

Application documents

Please submit the application documents using the form.

You may also see detail from here (*written in Japanese) .