For International Students Residing Outside Japan

Application Requirements (April 2024 Admissions)

The applicant must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • The applicant must meet one of the following criteria below:
    1. The applicant has graduated or will graduate from senior high school by March 2024 (including those currently working).
    2. The applicant has completed a 12-year curriculum in an educational system(s)or is scheduled to complete such a curriculum by March 2024.
    3. The applicant is designated by the Minister of MEXT.
    4. The applicant is recognized as having academic ability equivalent to or higher than senior high school and will reach the age of 18 years by March 2024.
  • The applicant must be eligible to obtain or renew the residence status of study abroad under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act after being admitted into Digital Hollywood University.
  • The applicant has passed level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or obtained 220 points or higher in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) for the Japanese subject, or has equivalent competence.
  • The applicant is residing outside Japan and does not have any types of status of residence in Japan.
  • If the applicant is currently enrolled in an educational institution in Japan or have previously been enrolled in an educational institution in Japan (e.g. Japanese language school, vocational school), the applicant must have an attendance rate of 80% and above.

※Please note that submitting either JLPT or EJU certificate is not mandatory when applying. You are eligible to apply as long as your Japanese language skill is equivalent to JLPT N2.

Application Form

Please refer to the application form to see the documents required for each admission categories.
>> Application form for April, 2024 Admission

Admission Schedules for Applicants Residing Abroad (Outside Japan)

Admissions Categories Application Period Entrance Examination Date Examination Result Announcement
Comprehensive Selection 1st period Aug 1, 2023 – Aug 25, 2023 Sept 9 or Sept 10, 2023 Sept 15, 2023
Comprehensive Selection 2nd period Sept 1, 2023 – Oct 20, 2023 Nov 11 or Nov 12, 2023 Nov 17, 2023
Comprehensive Selection 3rd period Sept 1, 2023 – Dec 1, 2023 Dec 9 or Dec 10, 2023 Dec 15, 2023
Comprehensive Selection 4th period Sept 1, 2023 – Jan 12, 2024 Jan 20 or Jan 21, 2024 Jan 26, 2024
Comprehensive Selection
【Honor Scholarship】
Sept 1, 2023 – Nov 24, 2023 Dec 9 or Dec 10, 2023
※ Documents screening result: Dec 1, 2023
Dec 15, 2023
Third Year Transfer Sept 1, 2023 – Oct 20, 2023 Nov 11 or Nov 12, 2023 Nov 17, 2023

※The examination date will be announced after the deadline. Applicants cannot choose the date.

Online Registration

Please make sure to complete the online registration and examination fee payment before submitting the application documents.

Examination Fee Payment

Examination fee : 33,000 yen

Private Consultation

Digital Hollywood University offers a 30 minute multilingual private consultation through ZOOM every Wednesday.
If you wish to consult directly with our Admissions Officer, please book an appointment by filling out this form.
Consultation is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

Consultation day : every Wednesday
Consultation time : between 10 am to 7 pm JST (Japan time)
※An appointment for consultation can be made up to 1 day in advance through the appointment page.
※You will need to install ZOOM app on your smartphone.
(If you are using ZOOM on your desktop, you do not need to install anything, you can just access the ZOOM website)


If you have any questions regarding the admission, do not hesitate to contact us at:

(Multilingual support: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)