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Our graduates who are playing active roles in various fields

Employment data of our graduates

As of Mar 2017

Dentsu Inc.; Asatsu-Dk Inc.; Yahoo Japan Corporation; Rakuten, Inc.; Capcom Co., Ltd.; Bandai Co., Ltd.; Level-5 Inc.; Gainax Co., Ltd.; Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.; Avex Group Holdings, Inc.; Dwango Co., Ltd.; Gree Inc.; LINE Inc.; Hakuhodo i-studio Inc.; Hakuhodo Product’s Inc.; Dentsu Creative X Inc.; Imagica Corp.; Imagica Digitalscape Co., Ltd.; Gurunavi, Inc.; Opt, Inc.; NHK Media Technology, NHK Art, Inc.; NHK Art, Inc.; Usen Corporation; Gonzo K.K.; Sony Music Axis Inc.; Sammy NetWorks Co., Ltd.; Coach Japan LLC; Uniqlo Co., Ltd.; Seven & i Net Media Co., Ltd.; FromSoftware, Inc.; AOI Pro. Inc.; Kyodo Tokyo, Inc.; Kadokawa Digix Co., Ltd.; Shochiku MediaWorX Inc.; Akasaka Graphics Art, Inc.; Sammy Corporation; Tokyo Theatres Company Inc.; PHP Institute; Otsuka Corporation; Hexagon Pictures Inc.; Izumi Network Group; SCSK Corporation; Sony PCL Inc.; NTT Data Getronics Corporation; Toyota Media Service Corporation; Showa Shell Business & IT Solutions Ltd.; Platinum Games Inc.; Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.; Geisha Tokyo Entertainment, Inc.; E Access Corporation; Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.; FFTOHO Inc.; OLM Digital, Inc.; KLab Corporation; Cyber Agent, Inc.; CYBIRD Co., Ltd.; Fanworks Inc.; Wacom Co., Ltd.; Oxybot Inc.; Atelier Bitol Inc.; Digital Frontier Inc.; Gallop Co., Ltd.; Anime International Co., Inc.; Marvelous Inc.; Infas Publications, Inc.; Culture Convenience Club Company, Limited; H.I.S. Co., Ltd.; More Communication Inc.; DH Inc.; Shinken-Ad Co., Ltd.; Project White (Tsukumo) Co., Ltd.; Nagase & Co., Ltd. Aikei Corporation; Aikei Corporation; Irep Co., Ltd.; MM Research Institute, Ltd.; Ohta Co., Ltd.; Office Walker Inc.; Courage T&K Corp.; Creek & River Co., Ltd.; Cross Marketing Inc.; K’s Holdings Corporation; Pasona Inc.; Pyramid Film Quadra INC.; Miraishonen Inc.; Up-frontier, Inc.; F-Sun Tourist Japan Inc.; MHSolutions Inc.; Grasshopper Universe Co., Ltd.; Crescendo Inc.; CROSSTV Vision; KBS JAPAN Inc.; Seattle Consulting, Inc. ; Shitake Digital Co., Ltd.; Tyrell Systems., Inc.; Banpresto Co., Ltd.; People Software Corporation; PolyAssets United Inc.; White Roots Inc.; Members Co., Ltd.; Yumeshin Holdings Co., Ltd.; La Boite Studio; Realworld, Inc.; Revitie Inc.; Link, Inc.; Community Media Inc.; COLOWIDE Co., Ltd.; Context Co., Ltd.; Convex Corporation, Ltd.; Success Corporation; Space One Corp.; Seraph Co., Ltd.; Dynamite Revolution Company; Diomedea Inc.; Don Quijote Co., Ltd.; Nojima Corporation; 1stbit Co, Ltd.; Corp.; ROM SHARING, INC.; World Business Support Co., Ltd.; Asoma-navi, Inc.; Pocket Solution Co., Ltd.; Up-frontier, Inc.; Mercurius Corporation; Mobile Factory Inc.; Life Support Ltd.; Institute of A-V Medical Education Inc.; Sangyo Henshu Center Co., Ltd.; Japan Transcity Corporation; Mogra Design, Ltd.; GMO Internet, Inc.; GMO MakeShop Inc.; GMO Media Inc.; Motto Dekkai Business Corp.; Comsys Techno Corporation; Prime Works Co., Ltd.; Azabu Plaza Corporation; Kinmei Printing Inc.; Chuoh Publishing Co., Ltd.; Honda Shoji Co., Ltd.; Marufuku Securities Co., Ltd.; Lotteria Co., Ltd.; Monteroza, Inc.; Asset Guardian Co., Ltd.; Shoden Co., Ltd.; Takeshita Kensetsu CO., Ltd.; Keihin Kyuko Bus Co., Ltd.; Right On Co., Ltd.; J&R Inc.; Ichiran Co., Ltd.; Sanko Marketing Foods Co. Ltd.; Maruhan Corporation; Daito Giken, Inc.; Gaia Co., Ltd.; Sougouanzen Co Ltd.; Kyowa Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd.; China Airlines; Japan Post Co., Ltd.; Ibaraki Police; Japan Self-Defense Forces; Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.; Tokyo University of the Art

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A breakdown of graduates who received job offers

What is the content industry?

The content industry is related to documents, voices, video pictures, game software, and other information content. It includes industries such as animations, films, games, television, the Web, mobile, product design, architecture, spatial design, amusement(gaming), adverising, publishing and printing.

Industry hopes for DHU graduates

A number of corporations call for human resources who are equipped with the latest knowledge in digital technology and methods of expression. Here is one expression of industry leaders' hopes for what DHU graduates might bring to the content industry and a message of encouragement to current students.

It is our desire that students gain 'undefeatable' strengths and a passion for production.

Takehisa Yoshimura

Digital Frontier Inc.

Company profile: Digital Frontier Inc.

A comprehensive film production company engaging in the production of digital video and CG for blockbusters such as the Resident Evil series and Wolf Children.

What we look for in human resources

We look for those who have special competitive skills in the modeling of characters and backgrounds (three-dimensional object formation), effects (special effects), and animation. However, it is not always true that we only hire people based on their technical strengths. All CG production is done in a team setting. Thus, it is also crucial to have communication skills to be able to connect and get on with work toward one goal as a team. We would like to see students who know what they want in their career, are passionate and drive themselves forward in order to grow.

What we expect from DHU

Today, the CG industry seeks high quality. Many DHU students have strengths in modeling and effects. Because they take four years to study CG production, we also recognize that they have achieved a high standard. We want students to take up the challenge of trying various things while enjoying their personal and profesisonal development. Without enjoying themselves, it is impossible to create high-quality entertainment. We look forward to seeing human resources who have strong aspirations for production and exceptional skills.

Introducing DHU's Career Center

DHU is proud of its strong industry linkages and which we make full use of through our dedicated career center to give students an edge in seeking their first career opportunity.

The center maintains a database of the latest exclusive employment information as well as samples of portfolios actually used by past students who have received job offers.

Facility information

1. Employment information covering all fields

It offers employment information from various industries for creative jobs, such as CG creators and Web designers to administrative jobs, such as sales and clerical jobs. Job offers for new graduates, mid-career opportunities, part-time jobs, and internship opportunities can be freely browsed on a bulletin board of job offers at any time.

2. Portfolio samples

The center archives samples of portfolios actually used by past students who won official job offers for their job search activities. The portfolios are displayed for each genre of 3DCG, the Web, graphic design, games, and animations. Students can freely browse through portfolios necessary for job search activities.

3. Face-to-face counseling booth

Career counselors kindly support students’ individual needs at a face-to-face counseling booth. Counselors offer career consultations, make corrections to resumes, help in preparing for interviews, practical advice on job search activities, and instructions on portfolio production according to individual career desires and concerns.

4. Reference materials

The center offers all of the reference materials needed for job search activities, including past students’ advice on job search activities, samples of resumes and application forms, corporate brochures, external event information, reference books, demo reel films of production firms, and much more.

Digital Hollywood University (Career Center)

Address: 3F Ochanomizu Sola City Academia, 4-6 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062 Japan

  • Tel: +81-3-5289-9258 [Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)]
  • Fax: +81-3-3255-3386
  • E-mail:

Annual schedule for events

Fourth-year students Third-year students All students
April In-campus company joint information session
May Employment seminar for international students/On-campus company joint information session Start-up guidance for job search activities, employment seminar for international students Spring company seminars
June SPI employment written test preparation and practice exam Employment support seminars, internship seminar Portfolio advice session
July Employment support seminars, support course for international students, on-campus company joint information session Internship, guidance for part-time jobs referrals Summer company seminars, internship information session
August Summer intense employment preparation course
September Summer intense employment preparation course
October Job search activity reflection course, on-campus company joint information session Start-up guidance for job search activities
November Support course for international students, on-campus company joint information session Employment support seminars, intensive seminar for job search activities, industry research, resume and interview preparation, discussion prospective employee Autumn company seminars
December On-campus company joint information session Employment support seminars, portfolio course, PR movie production course, self-PR Web communication course Portfolio advice session
January Support course for international students, on-campus company joint information session Employment support reflection course, SPI employment written test preparation and practice exam Company seminars, winter internship information session
February Headhunt meeting, on-campus company joint information session Employment support reflection course Portfolio advice session
March On-campus company joint information session Employment support reflection course, on-campus company joint information session

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