Privacy Policy

Basic Policy for Personal Information Protection

Digital Hollywood University (hereinafter “University”) recognizes that the protection of personal information held by the university, such as information regarding students, graduates, postgraduate students, non-degree students, auditing students, research students, applicants, parents and guarantors, or persons who registered for University's seminars (hereinafter “Students”) or our faculty members, is our social obligation. The University is committed to the appropriate handling of personal information. Our attitudes toward Personal Information are as follows:

Collection of Personal Information

The University shall collect and retains Personal Information of Students, faculty members and other parties to identify specific individuals through electorical form, application form, and other means. Personal Information will be used for educational, administrative, and statistical purposes. When collecting Personal Information, the University will provide the individual with a Privacy Statement. Personal Information shall not be collected without prior consent of Students, faculty members and other parties.

Purposes of Using Personal Information

Collected Personal Information is handled within the scope necessary for achieving the following purposes:

  1. Sending prospectus and other university materials to requesting persons;
  2. Managing recruitment event, admission process and entrance examinations;
  3. Management of academic affairs, educational affairs, welfare, and career support;
  4. Course registration, grade management, graduation, healthcare management, and issuing certificates;
  5. Selling computer software and hardware, textbooks and other educational materials;
  6. Providing information about events, seminars, extension courses and their management;
  7. Sending electronic messages to Students, guarantor, faculty members, and other relevant persons;
  8. Sending grade transcripts, tuition and fees invoices, scholarship information, parent's association, and other documents to the guarantors;
  9. Managing various payments and requests;
  10. Providing necessary support and services to the graduates;
  11. Providing students' information to study abroad partner institutions during their application process and throughout their study at universities;
  12. Management of personal affairs, salary, welfare and labor, employment, health, insurance, finance, general affairs and organizational operations to staff;
  13. Marketing and analysis;
  14. Responding various inquiries;

Information may be used for communication required in the course of the above work or for delivering relevant information and various notifications incidental to the work.

Use of Personal Information

  1. Personal Information shall be acquired with a clear purpose of use by lawful and fair means within the necessary scope of University's operations. The University shall recognize the importance of Personal Information and strive to take necessary measures to prevent any infringement of the rights and interests of individuals through the handling of such information.
  2. The University shall provide infromation about varioud promotions and extension courses organized by the University or Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) via electronic messages and other forms. The University shall stop sending these information to Students, faculty members, and other parties upon their request. Concerning requests for deletion of Personal Information,please contact administration office.

Secure Management of Personal Information

  1. The University shall implement measures that are necessary and appropriate for Personal Information security such as measures to prevent the improper disclosure, leak, unauthorized access, loss, damage, and falsification.
  2. Access to Personal Information is governed by the Copmany and faculty members who are given access to such information shall be subject to appropriate supervision as necessary to maintain secure management of this information.
  3. The University shall not disclose Personal Information provided by Stuednts, faculty members or other parties to the Company, its affiliated companies and contractors without their prior consent. However, the University may use or disclose Personal Information to law enforcement agencies or or other government agnecies without the consent of the principal party when authorized or required to do so by law.


DHU may outsource from the Company all or part of the handling of Personal Information to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes of use set forth in “About Use Purposes of Personal Information.” In doing so, DHU will cause the contractor to implement the same or higher level of precautions as taken by DHU in order to ensure that Personal Information will be managed and protected; the Company will exercise the necessary and appropriate supervision.


With the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law, DHU uses dedicated web mail to receive requests for change, deletion, and disclosure of Personal Information in order to manage it appropriately.

Please click here for the Web form dedicated for personal information:

Use of Cookies

Part of DHU’s websites uses cookie technology to enhance the services. The use of cookies enables information entered into an application form to be stored temporarily on the PC of a Student or faculty member, so that it spares the user the trouble of entering information again on other pages or at the time of a re-visit. DHU’s websites use cookies only to enhance the convenience of services and do not use cookies to collect the Personal Information of Students and faculty members.

Use of IP Addresses

The information about IP addresses is stored as a log on the Company’s server. Such information identifies when and from which domains users (Students and faculty members) access the website of DHU. These data are used for statistical analysis on the Web server and never used for any other purpose.

Review of Privacy Policy

DHU will continuously review the contents of this Policy and strive to improve it. In doing so, the University will handle Personal Information in accordance with the contents as amended.

Inquiries about Personal Information Protection

Please contact for inquiries about Personal Information protection.