Frequently Asked Question

The following is a summary of frequently asked questions from prospective students.

1. About the university

Where is Digital Hollywood University located?

It is located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. It is a 10-minute walk from Akihabara, and Shinjuku and Shibuya are within 15 minutes by train.

I do not have a PC. I have no creative experience. Can I keep up?

To support beginners, we provide lectures for new students on basic PC operation, how to install software used in class, and how to use e-mail and groupware on campus. In addition, senior students serve as teaching assistants (TAs) for PC-based practice classes, so please do not worry.

Are there any scholarships or tuition reduction/exemption programs?

In addition to the various programs offered by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), students may be eligible for tuition fee reductions or exemptions based on the results of the entrance examination or by meeting certain conditions after enrollment. Please refer to the application guideline for details.

Can I earn a degree in English only?

At Digital Hollywood University, all classes are taught in Japanese, with the exception of language classes. Therefore, students must have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to JLPT N2 at the time of entrance examination.

2. About application

Can I apply even if I haven’t graduated from high school?

Yes, you may be eligible to apply even if you are a prospective graduate. For details, please refer to the application requirements.

Where can I apply?

First, please register on the Internet application site (e-apply). Registration is available from 10:00 on the first day of application for each selection category.

I would like to ask individual questions and discuss the admissions system and application documents.

We offer online private consultations. To check the dates and make an appointment, please visit the following page.

3. About Examinations

How is the entrance examination conducted?

The Comprehensive Selection is conducted online, while the General Selection (A and B methods) is conducted at the main campus. Most international students, regardless of their place of residence, take the Comprehensive Selection, which consists mainly of a Zoom-based interview and a basic academic achievement test.

Which is more advantageous in the Comprehensive Selection, the “Activity-focus” or the “Portfolio-focus”?

Both will be evaluated fairly. No prior experience in creating artworks or using digital tools is required at the time of taking the examination, so please choose the type that suits you best.

Do I need to send portfolio by post?

No, it is not required. All attachments, including portfolios, will be evaluated only if they are uploaded to the e-apply website.
If you submit the original or the original documents by post, etc., the documents that are not registered on e-apply will not be considered for evaluation.

Can I bring or show materials during the online interview?

No. You are not allowed to use Zoom’s screen sharing and other features.
All documents required for the application, such as portfolios, proposals, activity reports, etc., must be submitted at the time of application.
On the day of the interview, only the following four items may be used.
1. Examination voucher
2. Writing utensils
3. A4 copy paper (for notes)
4. PC/iPad

4. About Admission

What is the process of taking the exam, obtaining a visa, and enrolling from abroad?

The general flow is as follows.
Detailed information after number 3 will be notified to successful applicants.

1. Obtain a passport
2. Take and pass the entrance examination
3. Enrollment procedures (payment of school fees, filling out the enrollment form)
4. Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility
5. Gather necessary documents for visa application
6. Obtain a “”college student”” visa
7. Aflight and accommodation (dormitory, etc.)
8. Go to Japan

When do I have to pay school fees?

At the time of enrollment, students are required to pay the admission fee, tuition, and miscellaneous expenses. After enrollment, tuition can be paid in installments for the first semester (April to September) and the second semester (October to March).

How do I apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)?

The CoE is obtained from the Immigration Service Agency. Since the application for this certificate can only be made from within Japan, we will apply for it on behalf of the applicant after receiving the necessary documents sent to us by the applicant. It usually takes one to two months from application to issuance of the CoE. Please prepare and apply for it as soon as possible.

Please check the website of the Immigration Service Agency for the documents required for the application. Of the documents required for the application, the CoE Application Form (to be completed by the applicant’s organization, etc.) and the Letter of Admission will be issued after the enrollment procedures are completed. If you need the application documents, please ask the Admissions Office to prepare them in advance.

5. Student life

Does DHU have a student dormitory?

We do not have our own dormitory. For those who wish to stay at our dormitories, we will provide information on dormitories affiliated with our university.

Do you have part-time job referrals?

The Career Center is always ready to introduce and mediate part-time jobs and internships.

What kind of club activities are available?

You can find the university’s official clubs at the following link