Campus Life

Besides academic support, DHU offers an array of support programs for students.

Dormitory information

Student Union provide private rooms for students, it is realatively cheaper compared to other apartments and condominiums.

Voice of international students

We asked international students questions about their campus life!

Academic support

Japanese and Japanese culture education courses

DHU offers several dedicated courses for international students to improve Japanese language skills necessary for prospering in studies at DHU, and seeking a job in Japan if students wish to. Students are placed in classes of the appropriate levels, according to Japanese proficiency. There are also off-campus events where they can experience Japanese culture.

Peer support

DHU has an on-campus peer support system to create an environment where students can support each other. The school embraces activities that promote exchange among students by implementing periodic social events and setting up a booth for consultation where senior students consult with junior students on diverse matters.

Support for PC beginners

The course equips new students with basic PC operational skills, instructions on how to use email, and on-campus groupware and internet etiquette.

PC and software Sales

Students can purchase laptop PCs and student edition software at student discount prices.


Study abroad programs

DHU offers study abroad programs for study at universities and higher education institutions in English-speaking countries. International students may also participate.

Curriculum counselling

Dedicated personnel will carefully guide them with recommended curriculum models and advice for each field, according to students’ academic goals and preferred career path

Class improvement instrument

In order to offer the best classes at all times, DHU conducts student evaluations of courses at the end of each term. The school aims to incorporate the honest opinions of students constantly into its efforts to offer well-developed classes.

College life design

Academic advisors are assigned to each student. Personal support is offered in the first year in a small class setting to provide consultation on matters from the guidance on studies to career path and campus life.

Faculty development

In order to improve teaching skills and education quality, DHU sponsors faculty training periodically. Faculty members actively exchange opinions in a collegial endeavour to enhance the quality of instruction across the program.

Graduate school special advancement system

DHU has a professional graduate school, which offers more advanced research. For students aspiring to in-school advancement, DHU offers tuition exemptions and other support systems.


DHU offers a full line of classes useful for the acquisition of qualifications in the digital field. Supported qualification exams include the CG Creator Exam, C-Language Programming Skills Qualification Test and many more. In addition, students are encouraged to repeatedly take TOEFL and TOEIC as they work on their English.

Student life support

Wellness Counseling and Mental Health Services

DHU offers 24/7 health counseling services and mental health counseling services via telephone, online, and face-to-face. There is also a DHU mental health counseling room.

Digital Hollywood Alumni Association

This is a membership organization aimed at making a social contribution by expanding digital content as a new industry through interaction with graduates and current students.

Digital Hollywood Alumni Association

Student dormitories

Dormitories offer a secure and stable environment for students living away from their parents. DHU also refers students to designated student residence halls that offer nutritious meals planned by a qualified dietician. As a digital content educator, DHU also makes sure that the dormitories it introduces to students have a good internet environment.

Dormitory information


The following is a list of websites useful for international students.

You will find the website a useful basic guide to studying abroad in Japan.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

The website offers wide-ranging information useful for living in Japan.

Gateway to Study in Japan

Check the following website for information on visa status.

The Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice.