Message from the President

Gain Skills and Knowledge to Thrive in The Future

Digital technology reaches every corner of our lives, and people can connect with others around the world at any time. In the ever-changing 21st century, there is a need for people equipped with international awareness and the skills to use digital communication effectively and efficiently. Digital Hollywood University has been offering an advanced education where students can develop the skills to thrive in the future since its establishment, anticipating that society will see the greatest transformation in the twenty-first century.

The education program at our university places a strong emphasis on understanding digital communication and using computers in creative projects. Throughout the four years of study at the University, the curriculum will encourage students to consider how their creative work influences society to offer greater usability. Students will learn to generate ideas that are more convenient, beautiful and enjoyable, which are useful in people’s lives in the future, and add brand new value. We promote students' personal growth as people by exposing them to new ideas and concepts in our unique curriculum. Personal richness serves as the driving force to generate future career paths.

Digital Hollywood University Exists to Help Our Students to Freely and Vibrantly Thrive in the Digital Era

We had introduced active learning approaches from the initial year of the establishment a decade ago, and as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology advocated its implementation to universities. We have been working to improve teaching by implementing faculty development programs. Through study abroad support, collaboration with corporations, financial support for graduation projects, meticulous support for international students, and entrepreneurship support.

Moreover, we also provide a learning environment for significant potential and opportunities. In 2015, the curriculum was significantly enhanced in light of the experience accumulated over a decade since the establishment of the school. DHU has improved its curriculum by implementing a quarter system where students can study for four years while placing emphasis on specialized education, liberal arts education, and international education with the aim of establishing a firm foundation for expressive and creative projects.

Regardless of whether you currently possess digital knowledge and skills or not, the crucial element is whether you wish to create something. We seek students who want to master the comprehensive skills necessary to achieve their goals and move forward with a global perspective. That is how the next generation should be and what we want to develop. To thrive independently and freely in an increasingly complex digital society, we want students to join DHU where we offer flexible opportunities to gradually expand their potential and make a better society in the future.

Biography of President Tomoyuki Sugiyama
President of Digital Hollywood University, Tomoyuki Sugiyama, Dr.Eng.

Tomoyuki Sugiyama was born in Tokyo in 1954. He started his career as a visiting researcher at MIT Media Laboratory from 1987. Later he worked as a chief researcher at International Media Research Foundation in 1990 and a full-time lecturer at Nihon University Junior College in 1993. He established Digital Hollywood in October 1994 and opened Digital Hollywood Graduate School in 2004 and Digital Hollywood University in 2005.

At present, he serves as the President of Digital Hollywood University, Graduate School, and Vocational School. In September 2011, Digital Hollywood University established a collaborative school with Shanghai Conservatory of Music called Digital Media Art School where he also serves as the President of the school.He is also the current Chairperson of Fukuoka Ruby・Contents Business Promotion Council, and a committee member of Specialized Research Committee for Strengthening Content of the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat.

Additionally, he is also a member of Japanesque Modern, CG-Arts Association, Digital Content Association and other committees. He has received AMD Award and Achievement Award from the Digital Media Association in 1999.

Dr. Tomoyuki Sugiyama is the author of Cool Japan: Japan that the world wants to be (Shodensha); What is Creator’s Spirit? (published by Chikuma Primer New Book)

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