Liberal Arts Education

A liberal arts education is by nature broad and diverse, rather than narrow and specialized. Choosing subjects from many disciplines gives students a wide and useful education. Moreover,  it enables students to see beyond one perspective and encouraging them to see things from other perspectives.

✥✥ Characteristics of Learning ✥✥

Start from the second year where students begin to feel the necessity of learning cultural accomplishments.

Students take liberal arts subjects from their second year, instead of their first year. Because it is believed that the second year is the time when they feel the necessity of having vast knowledge while working on their production assignments Therefore, students can acquire greater understanding by learning historical events and ideas when they feel the need for understanding diversity. They also feel a strong motivation to learn more. It will become the power to create if they learn to accumulate knowledge through proactive, independent study.

Students can take multiple courses in a short period of time to accumulate more knowledge.

From history to culture, natural science and religion to law, it would be best to have as much knowledge that can inspire expression as possible. The liberal arts education is designed as the condensed essences of diverse professional education courses. On that basis, various twists are provided so that a wide variety of knowledge can be attained in a short period of time. A total of eight classes are provided within one term and the introduction of the quarter system ensures that students take many courses to broaden their knowledge. From there, they learn to observe matters from various perspectives and develop unique views of the world useful for creative activities.

The contents linked to specialized areas that promote a feeling of intellectual curiosity help increase students' motivation to learn.

The curriculum offers courses such as manga culture theory, media art, and fashion theory. Concurrently, as the contents link to specialized areas that can be easily utilized for creative activities, students can take advantage of their curiosity and increase their own creativity. The gem of an idea is also hidden in fields that seemingly not relate to creative activities at first glance. In order to firmly put into the ideas gained by learning liberal arts subjects, the goal is to increase their technical strength and expressive abilities. This will become a source of their abilities to continuously engage in creative activities for a long period.