Four years of learning at DHU

Acquiring knowledge in sequenced steps ensures that every student will develop the required expertise

DHU’s curriculum covers multiple specialized areas where students study the approaches and techniques of basic digital representation, business, and English. DHU operates on the quarter system to ensure efficient, in-depth studies. Students gradually increase their expertise so that they can attain the knowledge and practical skills necessary for society in the future.

Year 1 1Q

Induction for new students after enrollment

We offer induction program for international students so that they can spend fulfilling four years. In AY2015, students received lectures on campus life, where senior students shared advice about classes and how to build friendships with Japanese students, visited Kanda Myojin Shrine near DHU interviewed people of other nationalities in Akihabara, and were offered an opportunity to deepen exchanges by visiting an amusement park together.

*Japanese students go on an overseas study tour.


Learing basic expressions

The first year prepares students by emphasizing the basic knowledge necessary for expressions through the introduction to ideas, color theory and the introduction to digital communication. At the same time, students are exposed to multiple specialized areas so that they can measure their aptitude, which will help guide their studies in their second year.

Learning through seminars

Students use computers to develop their skills in creative production. The curriculum boosts their desire to learn by facing the rigors of production to experience the pleasure of production at an early stage.

Classes for improving Japanese communication skills

Classes are taught twice to three times a week to improve linguistic skills with exposure to mundane Japanese. Students would feel comfortable and enjoy learning in classes at each level of proficiency.

Year 2 1Q

Learning English in their specialized areas

Students are exposed to the English used in their specialized areas of films and CG so that they understand and can use technical terms and business approaches in English.

Learning through liberal arts courses

From manga culture theory to introduction to gastronomy, students study cultural accomplishments to learn about culture and history from unique aspects with the objective of developing creativity that supports their production activities in the future.


Lecture-style classes reinforce their expertise

In order to gain in-depth knowledge, students are exposed to film direction and the ad business. The classes will allow students to acquire knowledge in wide-ranging specialized domains from theoretical concepts to business methods.

Developing expressive abilities through advanced seminars

Students begin full-fledged production work through assignments with the goal of developing practical, applied, and expressive skill by gaining experience in production. They can also take classes by combining multiple domains.

Internship & corporate seminars

Students are given an opportunity to test the skills acquired in classes by applying for an internship, where they work for a company to carry out actual projects and attend corporate seminars that offer similar work experience on campus.

Study abroad for acquiring global perspective

Students live in other English speaking countries besides Japan to develop a more global perspective. This also should become a good opportunity to realize different perspectives and approaches.

Year 3 3Q

Selecting seminars offer students a chance to improve applied skills in a specialized area.

Students join seminars to further improve applied skills and practical skills. By receiving guidance from multiple faculty members in the different seminars, students have an opportunity to study other domains such as CG and programming simultaneously.

Year 4 1Q

Finally the start of job search activities!

Students receive individual counseling, interview preparation courses, and on-campus company information session to prepare them for the realization of their dreams by taking advantage of the different support programs offered by DHU.


Graduation projects as the compilation of four years

Students start working on graduation projects as the culmination of four years of study. The finished graduation projects go on public display at a graduation exhibition. Excellent projects receive awards as DHU graduation projects.