Characteristics of Digital Hollywood University

6 Characteristics

DHU offers a unique curriculum where students can study systematically in stages within a department and school. Throughout the enrollment of four years, the curriculum provides an opportunity to develop high-level expertise and international awareness, achieve cultural accomplishments, and enhance social skills as human resources who are capable of creating a new future.

  • 1. Integrated curriculum for generating new value in the future

    DHU offers a curriculum that blends the multiple specialized domains of visual images, 3DCG, animations, games, programming, and graphic design. By emphasizing the different dimensions of creativity and communication, students acquire the necessary skills to create new value in the future.

  • 2. A dedicated team of professional faculty members who are active in the content and IT industries

    DHU’s faculty members are film directors, animators, designers, and business managers of IT companies, who are active on the frontlines of the industries. Students can absorb the latest knowledge and skills, helping students to build a network of contacts in the industries.

  • 3. DHU’s linguistic education and study abroad program aimed at developing global talent

    While Japanese students learn English and international students learn Japanese, the classes are divided into levels so that students steadily acquire linguistic skills. International students can also enroll in English classes besides Japanese and take advantage of the study abroad program through a partnership with universities in English-speaking countries, such as the United States and Britain, so that they can further develop global awareness.

  • 4. DHU’s unmatched industry network provides opportunities for students to realize their dreams

    DHU boasts of a unique corporate network of over 10,000 members and a vast network of alumni—over 90,000. The University supports each student so they can work to realize their dreams in several different ways from internships to job placement.

  • 5. DHU operates on the quarter system to offer highly effective instruction and freedom of choice

    DHU operates on the quarter system, where the academic year is divided into four quarters. Students can expect great results in their studies by enrolling in fewer courses in the shorter span of time in the quarter system.  The system also offers a high degree of freedom, encouraging students to take part in internships and short-term study abroad opportunities.

  • 6. Cultural education that becomes the source of knowledge, which is essential in expressing creative ideas

    A vast array of cultural accomplishments are essential in order to generate creative ideas. DHU provides students with the opportunity to achieve an extensive range of cultural accomplishments that serve as the source of knowledge in the second to fourth years. A fascinating curriculum can be employed in creative activities related to their domains of expertise.