The Founding Sprit of Digital Hollywood University

The Founding Spirit of Digital Hollywood University

The creation and sharing of knowledge have always been a part of the history of humankind and is a hallmark of a highly evolved civilization and culture. Digital Hollywood University emphasizes the development of human resources who are capable of further advancing the human ability to express knowledge and communication with others to ensure human prosperity in the future as its founding spirit.

Mission and Purpose

In accordance with the Fundamental Law of Education, Digital Hollywood University has a mission to develop human resources who will be able to widely contribute to the development of society and the realization of associated research and development through higher education based on three concepts of authenticity, morality, and appearance.

Educational Research Objectives

Faculty of Digital Communication put a focus on teaching creativity, ICT, and language study as the three pillars of education aiming to nurture human resources endowed with judgment, creativity and communication skills necessary to contribute to global society.