Course Listings

Since its establishment, we have been committed to providing our students a culture and environment that inspires them to bring their best through an integrated curriculum. Our integrated curriculum consists of three components, which are specialized education, liberal arts education and global education. These are the three pillars to nurturing students’ ability to thrive in the digital era.

Foreign Language


Core English I
Core EnglishⅠCommunication SA Core EnglishⅠCommunication A
Core EnglishⅠCommunication B Core EnglishⅠCommunication C
Core EnglishⅠCommunication D Core EnglishⅠCommunication E
Core EnglishⅠProduction SA Core EnglishⅠProduction A
Core EnglishⅠProduction B Core EnglishⅠProduction C
Core EnglishⅠProduction D Core EnglishⅠProduction E
Core EnglishⅠEAP SA Core EnglishⅠEAP A
Core EnglishⅠEAP B Core EnglishⅠEAP C
Core EnglishⅠEAP D Core EnglishⅠEAP E
Core English II
Core English Ⅱ Communication SA Core English Ⅱ Communication A
Core English Ⅱ Communication B Core English Ⅱ Communication C
Core English Ⅱ Communication D Core English Ⅱ Communication E
Core English Ⅱ Production SA Core English Ⅱ Production A
Core English Ⅱ Production B Core English Ⅱ Production C
Core English Ⅱ Production D Core English Ⅱ Production E
Core English Ⅱ EAP SA Core English Ⅱ EAP A
Core English Ⅱ EAP B Core English Ⅱ EAP C
Core English Ⅱ EAP D Core English Ⅱ EAP E
Core English III
Core English Ⅲ Communication SA Core English Ⅲ Communication A
Core English Ⅲ Communication B Core English Ⅲ Communication C
Core English Ⅲ Communication D Core English Ⅲ Communication E
Core English Ⅲ Production SA Core English Ⅲ Production A
Core English Ⅲ Production B Core English Ⅲ Production C
Core English Ⅲ Production D Core English Ⅲ Production E
Core English Ⅲ EAP SA Core English Ⅲ EAP A
Core English Ⅲ EAP B Core English Ⅲ EAP C
Core English Ⅲ EAP D Core English Ⅲ EAP E
Core English IV
Core English Ⅳ Communication SA Core English Ⅳ Communication A
Core English Ⅳ Communication B Core English Ⅳ Communication C
Core English Ⅳ Communication D Core English Ⅳ Communication E
Core English Ⅳ Production SA Core English Ⅳ Production A
Core English Ⅳ Production B Core English Ⅳ Production C
Core English Ⅳ Production D Core English Ⅳ Production E
Core English Ⅳ EAP SA Core English Ⅳ EAP A
Core English Ⅳ EAP B Core English Ⅳ EAP C
Core English Ⅳ EAP D Core English Ⅳ EAP E
Content English A (Video Production)
Content English A_SA-B Content English A_C-E
Content English B (Gaming)
Content English B_SA-B Content English B_C-E
Content English C (Intercultural)
Content English C_SA-B Content English C_C-E
Content English E (Art and Religion)
Content English E_SA-B Content English E_C-E
Content English F (Music)
Content English F_SA-B Content English F_C-E
Content English G (Psychology)
Content English G_SA-B Content English G_C-E
Content English H (Movies)
Content English H_SA-B Content English H_C-E
Pre-Study Abroad
Pre-Study Abroad Ⅰ Pre-Study Abroad Ⅱ
Global English
Global English Ⅰ Global English Ⅱ
Global English Ⅲ Global English IV
Global English V Global English VI
Global English VII Global English VIII
Business English
Business English


Basic Japanese
Basic Japanese I Basic Japanese II
Basic Japanese III Basic Japanese IV
Japanese I Japanese II
Japanese III Japanese IV
Japanese V Japanese VI
Japanese VII Japanese VIII


Korean I Korean II
Korean III Korean IV


Chinese I Chinese II
Chinese III Chinese IV

Liberal Arts


Design History I Design History II
History of Film Expression History of Anime
Game Information Study Mathematics Exploration
Computer Mathematics CG Mathematics I
CG Mathematics II Artistic Anatomy I
Artistic Anatomy II Artistic Anatomy III
Artistic Anatomy IV

【Source of Knowledge】

Music Theory Roots of Contemporary Music
Myths of the World Japanese Literature
Japanese Cultural History Theory of Manga Culture
Theory of Architectural Culture Theory of Art History
Media Art Physical Expression
Contemporary History Japanese Ancient History
American History Islamic History
Chinese History
Natural Science
Electrical Science Advanced Physics
Biomedical Pharmacology
Environmental Plan of Sound and Light
Modern Culture
Theory of Content Policy Theory of Innovator
Theory of Super Fashion Evolution Introduction to Gastronomy
Special Lecture on Contemporary Culture

【Social Study】

Modern Society
Social Philosophy Modern Sociology
Social Economics Psychology
Theory of Human Communication Theory of Sustainability
Theory of Sustainability Implementation
Religious Study A Religious Study B
Risk of Contemporary Religion and Belief
The Origin of Law and Law in Modern Society Investigation and Trial
Criminal and Rehabilitation Science Technology and Law


Active Learning Social Skills
College Life Design Career Design
Office Literacy Japanese Sentence Expression Basic I
Japanese Sentence Expression Basic II Logical Thinking I
Logical Thinking II Public Speaking
Japanese Sentence Expression I Japanese Sentence Expression II
Japanese Sentence Expression III Japanese Sentence Expression IV
Theory of Leadership I Theory of Leadership II
Modeling Basics
Ideology I Ideology II
Color Theory I Color Theory II
Color Theory III Color Theory IV
Drawing Basics Drawing I
Drawing II Drawing III
Drawing IV Theory of Advertising Ideas I
Theory of Advertising Ideas II Advertising Production I
Advertising Production I
Theory of Digital Communication Theory of Basic Compliance I
Theory of Basic Compliance II Introduction to Design I
Introduction to Design II Introduction to Web Design
Introduction to Web Planning Introduction to Web Promotion
Introduction to Web Analytics Introduction to CG
Introduction to Video Technique Introduction to Video Production
Introduction to Animation Introduction to Animation Production
Animation Production Engineer Literacy
Universal Design Introduction to Media
Introduction to Content Industry
Business Basics
Economics Basics Marketing Basics
Accounting Basics Accounting Basics Statistics Basics
Research Basics Event Planning
Business Psychology I Business Psychology II
Basic Planning Project Management


Scenario Creative I・II Video Direction I・II
CG Short Film Animation Direction I・II
Real Time Graphics Techniques Computer Techniques
Theory of General ICT Cloud Computing
UI/UX Internet Marketing
Theory of Advertising Marketing Strategy
Theory of Human Development Basic Theory of Finance
Introduction to Entrepreneurship Branding
Social Business Character Content Marketing
Theory of PR Strategy Advertising Business
Sound Design Game Production and Direction
Information Editing I・II Modern Media Expression
Language Expression and Technical Paper Special Lecture I, II, III, IV, V, VI
Special Lecture X

Practice/ Exercise

Basic Tool Exercise I・II 3D Modelling I
3D Modelling II 3D Mokoku
Design Basic I Design Basic II
Design Basic III Design Basic IV
Typography I Typography II
Typography III Typography IV
General Planning Exercise Expression Exercise I
Expression Exercise II Expression Exercise Application I・II
Layout Design I Layout Design II
Graphic Design I Graphic Design II
Graphic Design III・IV Photography Exercise I
Photography Exercise II Photography Exercise III
Photography Exercise IV Video Shooting Exercise I
Video Shooting Exercise II Video Shooting Exercise III・IV
Story Making Exercise A Story Making Exercise B
Story Making Exercise C Story Making Exercise D
Scenario Making I Scenario Making II
Basic Video Production Exercise A Basic Video Production Exercise B
Basic Video Production Exercise C Basic Video Production Exercise D
Video Production Exercise Application A Video Production Exercise Application B
Video Production Exercise Application C・D VFX Exercise I
VFX Exercise II VFX Exercise III
VFX Exercise IV 3DCG Exercise I
3DCG Exercise II 3DCG Exercise III
3DCG Exercise IV 3DCG Exercise Application A
3DCG Exercise Application B 3DCG Exercise Application C・D
Painting Exercise I Painting Exercise II
Painting Exercise III Painting Exercise IV
Digital Painting Exercise I Digital Painting Exercise II
Character Design Exercise I Character Design Exercise II
Perspective Basics Art Exercise I
Art Exercise II Anime Shooting・Composite Exercise I・II
Anime Scenario Exercise I・II Website Markup Exercise
Website Styling Exercise Website Prototype Exercise
Web Design Exercise I Web Design Exercise II
Website Expression Exercise Website Production Practice Exercise I
Website Production Practice Exercise II Website Production Project Exercise
Website Expression Exercise Application A・B C Programming Exercise I
C Programming Exercise II C++ Programming Exercise I
C++ Programming Exercise II Web Programming Exercise I
Web Programming Exercise II Web Programming Exercise III
Web Programming Exercise IV Smartphone Application Programming Exercise I
Smartphone Application Programming Exercise II Game Development Exercise I
Game Development Exercise II Game Development Exercise III・IV
Network Construction Exercise Database Exercise
System Design Exercise