Introduction to the School of Digital Communications

Three domains of education for developing the abilities to thrive and live by one’s own values in a future society

The professionalism enables students to use digital technology to express themselves with freedom and language proficiency enables them to communicate with people around the world while the cultural accomplishments generate fecund creativity. With the goal of developing the abilities to thrive in future and foster unprecedented possibilities, our unique curriculum covers digital communication with the three elements required to succeed in the age to come as the pillar of education.

Specialized Education

Acquiring the knowledge and skills from the basics by learning across multiple digital representations.

The curriculum allows students to study the basis of digital representations such as films, 3DCG, programming, web, design, and animations in combination. To experience the fun of producing digital work, students are exposed to practical production exercises from the first year with the aim of acquiring professional knowledge, skills, expression techniques, and business theory from the basics. As students learn of their aptitude to determine future directionality, they gain a deep sense of their expertise in seminars from the third year to establish their specialized area.


Study the workflow of film production from basic to a complex of other areas such as 3DCG


Use the software of the world's top share to learn the latest technology of 3DCG

Graphic design

Learn the basics of design as well as software to create a base of technology in changing the idea form.


In helping to nourish the observing eye, students learn the entire process from creating video to production


Learn from the basics to advanced technology, everything involved in web site production

Game programming

Learn the most modern ICT technology from the active engineering - teachers


Learn business sense through basic economics, statistics, and marketing

Advanced media representation

Study the state-of-the-art technology, 4K video, projection mapping, etc..

Liberal Arts Education

Acquiring cultural accomplishments that enable students to generate ideas that will never exhausted.

Many creative works, such as movies, animations, and games, require knowledge of history, religion and legal matters in the background, and it is essential to have cultural accomplishments as a source of creation. The University offers substantial liberal arts subjects from the second year. These classes are designed to arouse students' curiosity and encourage their intellectual and creative activities. Through liberal arts education, students will gain abillities to continue to work actively for long period.

Global Education

Making language programs fun and cultivating global awareness through study abroad program.

The curriculum offers Japanese language classes to develop the necessary language skills and to prepare international students to succeed in Japan. Students not only acquire Japanese language proficiency but are also exposed to Japanese geography, economics, history and culture to deepen their understanding of Japan. The University consists of students from nearly 26 countries, and the campus is filled with opportunities to develop cross-cultural understanding through the interaction with Japanese students and many of the other international students, allowing them to further build a sense of global citizenship while on campus.