Faculty of Digital Communication

Digital Hollywood University is made up of 1 Faculty and 1 Department specializing in Digital Communication field. The content of this field consists of 8 specialized subject areas including 3DCG・VFX, movie, anime, media art, web design・development, graphic design, game・programming, advertising・PR・business.

  • Specialized

  • Liberal Arts

  • Global Education

3 Pillars of Education to Cultivate a Comprehensive Ability to Thrive In the Future.

Digital Communication expertise that enables students to use digital technology to freely express themselves, language proficiency that enables students to communicate with people from different countries and Liberal Arts that enrich students’ creativity.

Since its establishment, Digital Hollywood University has been committed to providing our students a culture and environment that inspires them to bring their best through an integrated curriculum.

Specialized Education

Learn Across Multiple Digital Expressions
Acquire Knowledge and Skills from the Basic

Through an integrated curriculum, students are allowed to combine several subject areas that include 3DCG・VFX, movie, anime, media art, web design・development, graphic design, game・programming, advertising・PR・business.Regardless of the subject areas, students will learn from the basic. Each student will later deepen their expertise once they know their aptitude and decide their career path.

Liberal Arts Education

Liberal Arts Education That Enables Students to Generate Ideas That Will Never Die

Liberal Arts Education includes core classes in many areas of study, like math, science, literature, and even fine arts. It is indispensable in providing a source of knowledge essential to create stories for movies, animations, games and other study areas. Gaining knowledge in a range of topics not only helps you to be well rounded in your skills but also in your thinking. Liberal Arts courses teach a broad range of skills that will cultivate students’ curiosity and as well encourage their intellectual and creative thinking.

Global Education

Develop Global Awareness through Fun Language Learning Courses,
Study Abroad Programs and Cultural Exchange with Students from Different Countries

Digital Hollywood University offers Japanese classes for all international students to develop the necessary Japanese language skill to study and to work in Japan after graduation. Students will not only acquire Japanese language proficiency but will also be exposed to Japanese geography, economics, history, and culture to deepen their understanding of Japan. Our university learning environment is filled with opportunities to develop cross-cultural understanding through students’ interaction with Japanese students and other international students, allowing them to further build a sense of global citizenship while on campus.