Students are taught by professionals in all lines of industries.

DHU gathers faculty members who are active in the front lines to teach students with the latest trends in various industries in real time. From well-known directors to creators who are featured in media and company presidents to professionals actively working in the front lines of various fields. Students receive detailed instructions directly from faculty members so that they can assimilate on-the-job latest skills and knowledge in real time.

Category Name Title Introduction Subjects
President President Tomoyuki SUGIYAMA The founder of Digital Hollywood who is a pioneer in the IT and content industries. Introduction to digital communication/Seminar
Project Professor Project Professor Makiko KAMATA Director of the Content Evaluation and Monitoring Association (EMA) and the head of the Consumer Association of the Mobile Content Forum (MCF) World’s first advisor specializing in preserving healthy community site and monitoring operation Special lecture
3DCG Professor Junko KURODA Designer An energetic designer boasting the achievement of numerous awards from illustration to 3D. Basic tool seminar/3DCG seminar3DIntroduction to CG/Seminar
3DCG Associate professor Isaku OGURA Full-time instructor of Digital Hollywood DHU’s full-time faculty member who is an active CG designer of films and TV ads. Basic tool seminar/VFX seminar/3DCG seminar/Seminar
3DCG Part-Time Lecturer Yuji INOUE Bachelor of Art Engineering (Kyushu Institute of Design), General Manager of Visualization Design, Power Place Inc. Real-time content designer Introduction to CG
3DCG Part-Time Lecturer Kazunori INOMATA Representative of Social Design Consultants KIDS/Lecturer of Tokyo Car Design, HAL/Graduate of the School of General Design, Shonan Institute of Technology Committed to human-centered innovations from automobiles to urban planning. Introduction to CG
3DCG Part-Time Lecturer Hiroyuki FURUIWA CG designer/Principal instructor of Digital Hollywood In charge of character development in CG animations in and out of Japan. Basic tool seminar/ 3DCG seminar3DIntroduction to CG/Seminar
Web Professor Masakazu URABE Representative Director of Domo Inc. A media producer who studies communications that change from magazines, web to mobile. Introduction to media representation
Web Associate professor Kosuke KURIYA Lecturer of Digital Hollywood/Web designer Guiding students to realize the dreams in the web design industry. Basic tool seminar/Website markup seminar/Website styling seminar/Website prototype seminar
Web Lecturer Yoko AKASAKA Web designer/Web director Web creator who hailed from game development who likes creating. Website construction seminar
Web Lecturer Manabu KOMATSU Engineer of Neos Corp. Website front-end engineer/Certified instructor of Adobe® Flash Flash seminar/Seminar
Web Part-Time Lecturer Takayuki KAWABATA A board member in charge of human resource strategy headquarters at IMJ Group. Producer and director at one of the largest digital marketing companies. Mobile content production and direction
Web Visiting professor Emi SUZUKI Web designer A freelancer who maintains energetic activities on web and CD-ROM production. Website construction seminar
Web Visiting professor Sei TAKEUCHI Part-Time Lecturer at the Faculty of Visual Arts and the Faculty of Performing Arts, Art Department, Tamagawa University/Part-Time Lecturer at the Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music/Representative of Office SAINT He is widely active from graphic design, architecture to digital content. Web direction
Web Part-Time Lecturer Choei TORII Senior strategic planner, Beacon Communications He is in charge of strategic planning for global companies at a foreign-affiliated ad firm. Web production
Web Part-Time Lecturer Shinsaku WATANABE DRAFT Inc./Web director, NOROSI He manipulates design and technology skillfully to consider manufacturing that connects with society. Seminar
Animations Visiting professor Masahito YOSHIOKA Chief producer, Planning and production, TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. A producer of numerous works including Case Closed (Detective Conan). The chief producer of He is an Ultimate Teacher (Denpa Kyoshi). Introduction to animation production
Animations Visiting associate professor Satoshi KUWAHARA Director of a TV animation, Yugio ZEXAL An industry expert who staged animation works of Tezuka Osamu’s animations such as Astro Boy and Black Jack. Animation direction theory/Seminar
Animations Part-Time Lecturer Yasuhiro AKAMATSU Photography director Photography director of Atelier Escha & Logy Animation shooting: Composite seminar
Animations Part-Time Lecturer Humio IIDA Manga artist/character design/drawing director/game designer A lecturer of 22 years of experience. He currently works at GAINAX. Digital drawing practice tracing seminar/Character design practical original drawing seminar
Animations Associate professor Tomoko FUKUI Animator (Original drawing, inspection of animated film and animation) An expert of drawing various animation works. Animation drawing seminar/Digital drawing practice tracing seminar
Animations Visiting professor Mitsunori MURATA Animator Has vast achievements in AKIRA and STEAMBOY. Introduction to animations/Animation drawing seminar
Animations Part-Time Lecturer Jyunichi FUJISAKU Group leader, Creative writing, Planning Div. Production I.G., Inc. Animation screenwriter and stage director of Production I.G. Animation scenario seminar
Animations Visiting professor Masamichi TAKANO Director and art director of AREA81 Co., Ltd./Art Director of Drop Inc. He engages in art direction of a number of game titles, commercials and promotion videos as well as an art director for television programs and theater animations. Art seminar
Film Professor Satoshi AKAGI Representative Director of Flamingo/Producer A producer of various hit movies, animes and MVs. Won many film awards. Filming technique seminar/History of film representation/Story creation seminar/Film production seminar/Introduction to film production/Scenario creation seminar/Seminar
Film Professor Mitsuhiro SAITO Marketing, publication and ad producer A successful publishing and ad producer who also specializes in ad marketing of international and domestic movies. Ad business
Film Part-Time Lecturer Kazushige IKENO Representative Director of Ace One, Inc. He provides easy-to-understand explanations on video and still camera shooting using video equipment from the basic. Film shooting seminar
Film Visiting professor Hiroyuki ITAYA Chief Producer of SONY Music Entertainment Inc. Visiting professor Hiroyuki ITAYA is a superstar in the music video industry who remains aloof from others. Seminar
Film Visiting professor Takaya OKAMOTO Screenwriter and theater director He writes many series of hits in various genres from TV dramas, movies, theatrical performances and novels. Scenario production seminar
Film Visiting associate professor Takehiko SHINJO Stage director/director One of the most popular stage directors today who participate actively in the television and movie industry. Live-action staging seminar
Film Part-Time Lecturer Yoshikazu TAKANO GROUNDRIDDIM/Producer/Representative of Limited Liability Company GROUNDRIDDIMBOX Creative production consisting of musicians and a visual team Basic tool seminar/Film production seminar
Foreign language Professor Kentaro OISHI Anglicist/Translator/Essayist He wrote a number of papers related to British literary research mainly on George Orwell. English/English grammar
Foreign language Associate professor Makiko EBATA (YAMADA) Part-Time Lecturer of Kanda University of International Studies Master’s degree in English-language teaching. She has vast experience in teaching students in the upper level of college English. English/Graduation project supplementary course
Foreign language Associate professor Michiko TOMITA Lecturer of the School of Management Information, Yamanashi Gakuin University In various universities, she teaches students learning Japanese and those who aim to become a Japanese teacher. Basic Japanese/Japanese
Foreign language Lecturer Takehiro TSUCHIDA Part-Time Lecturer of the Faculty of Literature, Tokyo Kasei University Has vast teaching experience in a major TOEIC® school. Specializes in English studies. English
Foreign language Lecturer Michael RINGEN Representative Director of ALPHA Frontiers An English instructor teaching in corporations, universities, research institutions and TV programs. English
Foreign language Visiting associate professor Tae-Moon LEE Part-Time Lecturer at Keio University/Part-Time Lecturer at Otsuma Women’s University/Part-Time Lecturer at Toita Women’s College Teaches at various universities and also gains a reputation as a poet and translator. Korean
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Shigeko ENDO Japanese instructor Teaches Japanese to a lot of students around the world. Basic Japanese/Japanese
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Oliver MACKY English instructor Has vast experience in business, TOEIC® and presentations. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Kevin BARKLEY English instructor He teaches English at corporations and universities. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Akiko KOKUBO A part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Literature at Tokyo Kasei University. Teaches English at universities and large corporations as a specialist for TOEIC®. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer James CHARLTON English instructor Teaches English in Japan for over ten years. Specializes in multi-media and holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics.
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Yumiko SHIBATA Part-Time Lecturer of the Career Assistant Dept. Seijo University/Part-Time Lecturer of Liberty Academy, Meiji University/English teacher of Rakuten Inc./Representative assistant of the IFC International Friendship Center Has experience as an English teacher in Japan and the U.S. A professional translator/interpreter with wide-ranging areas of expertise. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Issei TAKECHI Part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Literature, Kokugakuin University/Lecturer at the Faculty of Foreign language, Takushoku University Specializes in historical science, international cultural studies and multi-culture education. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Naoko TADOKORO Instructor (part-time) at the Japanese education research center, Waseda University/Project Part-Time Lecturer at Japanese class for international faculty at Kanda University of International Studies. Teaches Japanese to multinational learners at universities and Japanese-language schools in Japan. Basic Japanese/Japanese
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Hiroko TANI Part-Time Lecturer at Jumonji Women’s University/Part-Time Lecturer at Nishokudaigakusha University/Part-Time Lecturer at Daiichi Institute of Technology. Learned English in Canada to teach students in various universities and companies. Holds a Master’s degree in English-language teaching. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Takako NAKAMURA Holds a MA in Japanese Linguistics/Teaches a Japanese class for faculty of foreign language at Kanda University of International Studies (coordinator/project part-time lecturer) Devotes over ten-odd years trying to improve proficiency in Japanese. Basic Japanese/Japanese
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Xiaozhe FENG Chinese instructor Vast teaching experience who can respond to various study needs. An interpreter who is active in the field. Chinese
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Akemi FUJII Active Center, Chuo Gakuin University Teaches at various universities and devotes herself to English language program for businesspeople. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Kazuyo FUJIMAKI Japanese instructor Teaches Japanese to many international students at Japanese-language schools and universities. Basic Japanese/Japanese
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Raghavendra KAJA English instructor Teaches English at high schools, vocational schools and corporations. English
Foreign language Part-Time Lecturer Reggie MATHES English instructor Has vast teaching experience from various educational institutions. Studies films and direction. English
Liberal Arts Honorary Professor Masaki TSUJI Mystery writer/Theater director Animation screenplay and novels such as Astro Boy and Case Closed (Detective Conan). History of animations
Liberal Arts Professor Toshio KOSUGE Honorary Professor at the University of Electro-Communications Studies legal policies related to information communication network. Science technologies and laws
Liberal Arts Professor Katsuaki SEKIGUCHI Doctor of Engineering An award holder of the Architectural Institute of Japan prize and the Zoomlion prize. A grand person in the architectural industry. Environmental planning with sound and light
Liberal Arts Professor Daiya HASHIMOTO Chairman of Data Section Co., Ltd. Leads a number of corporations as a marketing strategy consultant. Research & Planning
Liberal Arts Professor Toshihiro FUKUOKA Former editor of Shukan Ascii/Advisor at AvecLab/Auditor at Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. An expert who takes about IT, pop culture and traditional performing arts from the same ground. Information editing/Seminar
Liberal Arts Professor Paco WATANABE Researcher of the conceptual domain/Social analyst Cultivates intelligence that sees through the world with logical thinking power. Social power/Logical thinking/Public speaking/Global environment and sustainable society theory
Liberal Arts Associate professor Mitsuteru TAKAHASHI An expert in the media and content field. A pioneer of content education. Social power/Public speaking/Introduction to media/Introduction to content industry/Seminar
Liberal Arts Associate professor Kenjiro MEGURI Director of Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. Has vast experience in content production such as websites and videos. Internship
Liberal Arts Lecturer Ryuzo YAMAMOTO Division president of the university business div., Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. Professional of creator development Internship
Liberal Arts Lecturer Wakako JET Photographer A female photographer who excels at the world view that is tender, kawaii and beautiful. Photography seminar
Liberal Arts Assistant Professor Michael BRANDSE Holds a doctoral degree in Art Engineering for game development. R&D
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Shirotomo AIZAWA Creator Actively engages in multiple areas including music and videos by taking advantage of computer. Basic IT and business/Introduction to the Internet/Principles of Contemporary Music/Introduction to web design/Seminar
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Ryozo AOKI Professor of the Faculty of Commerce, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences Studies business strategy theory mainly diversification strategy and withdrawal strategy. Introduction to management studies
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Masakazu AKIYAMA Visiting professor of Graduate School of Intellectual Property Nihon University/Head researcher of Sakumon Innovation Research, Co., Ltd. For over a decade, he studies the utilization and protection of intellectual properties in the digital era. Compliance in the content industry.
Liberal Arts Visiting associate professor Hiroki ICHINOSE Doctor (social anthropology) Examines the meaning of regular life and modernization from the viewpoint of cultural anthropology. Modern history/Comparative culture theory
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Takeshi ITO Assistant Professor of Information and technology studies, The University of Electro-Communications/Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Engineering An expert of the perception research of humans who play games. Game information science
Liberal Arts Visiting associate professor Nobuo ITO Representative Director of Financial Design Co., Ltd. Makes full use of his vast experience and analytical intelligence in banking to venturing to examines the economics. Macroscopic economics
Liberal Arts Part-Time Lecturer Tomoko INABA Cogumo web designer Takes efforts to eliminate people with inadequate access to information while working on web design and production for various industries. Office literacy
Liberal Arts Visiting associate professor Masaru UMEMOTO Representative of Asian Animation Industry Organism (AAO) Supports creators who bear the next generation through both research and actual practice. Industrial organization theory
Liberal Arts Part-Time Lecturer Naotoshi EJIMA Doctor in literature, Assistant professor at Den-en Chofu University, Lecturer at Rikyo University Lectures how to look at religious expressions flooded in modern society. Religion
Liberal Arts Part-Time Lecturer Mika OONISHI Representative Director of Insight Inc. Engages in corporations’ customer relation communication and sectoral administration support projects. Basic skills of business person.
Liberal Arts Part-Time Lecturer Ryo OGATA Japan Women's University/ Nippon Institute of Technology (career formation course)/recruiting consultant/Representative director of Internship Co., Ltd. Engages in the guidance of employment for new graduates and career formation for young adult segment for over twenty years. Career guidance
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Rikio ONAI Honorary Professor of Graduate Program, Information and technology studies, The University of Electro-Communications/Doctor of Engineering Doctor of Engineering who is well-versed in multimedia information processing and information search. Computer history
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Yoshitaka ONODE Representative President of Human Edge Inc./Director in Japan for U.S. Blessing White As a pioneer of global human resource development, he offers consulting services for corporations and government offices. Career guidance
Liberal Arts Visiting associate professor Yoshiaki KUDO Associate professor at Takushoku University Supports community design based on regional history and culture. Design history
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Naoki SAKAKIBARA Director and principal researcher of UDIT Inc. Actively serves as a researcher and consultant for information universal design. Universal design
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Hideo SHINADA An editorial board member of Nikkei Entertainment/Senior Researcher at Nikkei BP Hit Comprehensive Research Center A magazine editor and researcher of entertainment and hit products. Japanese written expression
Liberal Arts Visiting associate professor Kennosuke TANAKA Associate professor at Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University Graduate School/ Lecturer at Faculty of Law, Keio University Engages in the practice of university education 2.0 that utilizes social media. Introduction to sociology
Liberal Arts Visiting associate professor Osamu TOKUNAGA Editor/content producer/Representative of the e-publishing lab/Representative of DPS Users Community JAPAN office/Lecturer at publishing school and Japan Editor School Serves as an editor of a number of popular titles and he is also versed in the domain of e-publishing. Seminar
Liberal Arts Part-Time Lecturer Eriko TOKUNOU Senior lecturer of Active learning Inc. She is in charge of popular participatory workshop that lets participants think on their own and experience. Active learning
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Haruyuki NAKANO Free writer/editor An award holder of special prize from the Japan Manga Artist Association in the Manga industry and manga history studies. Manga culture theory
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Tomoko HATANAKA Associate professor at Dept. of Art, Wako University/Doctor of Arts She engages in planning and production of media art studies and educational contents. Art history
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Takuya HANE Representative Director of Active learning Co., Ltd. Former lecturer of Harvard University and taught in Asia. Currently develops next-generation education. Active learning
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Hideto FUSE Associate professor of Tokyo University of Arts (Dept. of Art, Faculty of Art Science, Art anatomy A specialist of anatomy who studied a dissection of human body at Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University Art anatomy
Liberal Arts Visiting professor Teiji FURUGORI Honorary Professor at the University of Electro-Communications Educator and researcher of computer science in Japan and the U.S. Human communication theory/Linguistic expression and research paper technique
Graphic design Professor Yasukiyo NAKAMURA A general member of the Education Ministry Animation and Manga Human Resource Development industry-university-government cooperation consortium/Vice-chairman of the Education Ministry animation section meeting drawing competency development workshop team committee/artist Boasts achievements in booth design at Mac World Expo and games. Basic drawing/Drawing/Three-dimensional model making
Graphic design Professor Haruyoshi NAGUMO Representative director of Haru Image Inc./Chairperson of the General incorporated association Japan Color Image Association/General manager of the advanced color research center. Offers outstanding theories and practices in the areas of design, expression and color. Introduction to ideas/Color theory/Introduction to design/Layout design/3D modeling/Seminar
Graphic design Professor Hideshi FUJIMAKI Representative Director of Direction GD Inc. An expert in CI, branding and art direction. Typography/Graphic design seminar/Seminar
Graphic design Associate professor HAL_ Art director/Artist Produces portrait works using natural computer expression method and published a total of 37 books including practical guidebooks for graphic applications and iPad picture books. Basic tool seminar/Design basic
Graphic design Visiting professor Yutaka KAWASE Representative director and Art director at Rojia Limited/Graphic designer/Member of the Japan Graphic designer Association An active participant mainly in the entertainment industry such as CD covers and binding. Graphic design seminar
Graphic design Visiting professor Masaki SHIOTANI Representative of webfarm/Lecturer of Digital Hollywood While he is active mainly in web and ad design, he supports regional information technology promotion initiatives. Basic tool seminar/Graphic design seminar
Graphic design Visiting professor Midori YONEZAWA Graphic designer Takes part mainly in web design and book design, as well as bookmaking. Basic tool seminar/Graphic design seminar
Game programing Professor Natsuo KODA Representative Director of Integral Vision Inc. Representative director of MIRAISENS, Inc. A technical expert of 3DCG who also plays an active role in book writing and lectures. Real-time graphics technology/Seminar
Game programming Lecturer Takahisa KAMIYA Freelance programmer A freelance programmer who plays a vital role in the actual development environment. Basic tool seminar/C language program seminar/C++ program seminar/Seminar
Game programing Visiting associate professor Takuma ENDO Representative Director of Acquire Corp. An active practical leader who leads game manufacturer. Game production & direction
Game programing Visiting professor Yoshihiko SAKAI CG Programmer Has a long list of accomplishments in the production of three-dimensional real-time CG content. Computer mathematics/CG mathematics
Game programing Part-Time Lecturer Shogo HAMADA Representative of MountPosition Inc. In order to make good products, it requires completing a certain amount of practice. He is producing a bunch of codes with the slogan “quality for quantity”. Engineer literacy/Web program seminar/Seminar
Game programing Part-Time Lecturer Ryuya MATSUDA CG Programmer/Technical manager Three-dimensional game programmer who is active in the front lines of the industry. Real-time three-dimensional graphics and programing/Seminar
Game programing Visiting professor Kazunari YONEMITSU Game writer/Writer A producer of many hit titles including Puyo Puyo and Sozo to Kotoba. Seminar
Business Professor Tsuguhito OOBA Manager of ICT promotion at Nepon Co., Ltd. While he engages a number of web integration projects, he devotes himself to human resource development. Introduction to entrepreneurship/Seminar
Business Professor Eiichi TAKUMI Senior managing director for the e-marketing association/Vice president of the Japan Business Psychology Association/Representative of the Cognitive Science Institute Serves as a specialist for e-marketing and psychologist as well as corporate advisor for many companies. Business psychology/Internet marketing/Seminar
Business Professor Yuki NAGATA Marketing consultant/Part-Time Lecturer for Tokyo Kasei University Establishes business strategy by applying the MBA marketing theory. Social power/public speaking/career design/Basic marketing/Seminar, etc.
Business Visiting professor Kazuo OMASA Representative of Omasa Consulting Office/Auditor of IFIS Japan Limited Has vast business experience in the sales, accounting and new business development and successively held positions as the president for Japanese corporation. Business planning for producers and entrepreneurs
Business Visiting professor Hirohisa SATO Chairperson of the Japan Toy Culture Foundation/Representative of Nextage Inc. Has a long list of accomplishments as a business manager in the entertainment industry such as toys, games and mobile phones. Character content marketing
Business Visiting associate professor Kenichi SHUGYO Representative Director of J Brain, Inc. A supporter of new style business approach such as start-up ventures, organizational restructuring, business revitalization, M&A and business innovation. Client management
Business Visiting associate professor Nobuhisa NARITA Representative of TOMORROW COMPANY INC. Has a long list of achievements in organizational communication design, human resource development and entrepreneur support. An adventurer who reached the North Pole. Leadership theory/Seminar