DHU Preparatory Course
September Admission

Important Notice

We are regret to announce that the DHU Prep Course is temporarily not accepting applications.
We will announce in the website when the application is open again.

Course Objectives

This Prep Course is designed to provide international students with appropriate preparation to enroll in the undergraduate program at Digital Hollywood University after completing the 6-month course. It also helps students culturally adapt to university life in Japan, meet other students and make new friends.

This Prep Course allows students to take Japanese classes and basic specialized subjects, and earn roughly 14 credits in 6 months. Credits earned during this preparation course shall be transferred as graduation credits when students enroll to the undergraduate program.

Length of Course

6 months


The applicant must satisfy all the following requirements:

  • The applicant’s nationality must be other than Japanese and has completed a 12-year curriculum in an educational system(s), or is scheduled to complete such a curriculum by before the course starts in September.
  • The applicant must be eligible to obtain or renew the residence status of study abroad under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act after being admitted.
  • The applicant has passed level N2 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or obtained 220 points or higher in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) for Japanese, or have equivalent competence.

Application Documents

If the applicant is residing outside Japan, he/ she can choose where to take the entrance examination after submitting all the following required application documents and pay the examination fee.

Documents to be submitted Remarks
1. Application form Must be written by the applicant. Please note that there is a possibility your application may be denied due to any omission or misdeclaration.
2. High School Graduation Certificate
(or Certificate of Expected Graduation)
High school and university graduation certificate, or certificate of expected graduation if the applicant has not graduated.
※ If the applicant has graduated from a university, please submit both high school and university certificate graduation.
3. High School Transcript
(or Certificate of Expected Graduation)
Academic transcript issued by high school or university the applicant graduated from.
※ If the applicant has graduated from a university, please submit both high school and university academic transcript.
4. Financial Support Statement Letter of guarantee to pay tuition fee and other expenses during the applicant's stay in Japan written by the sponsor.
5. Activities Report Please fill in the form and provide a copy of your artwork or certificates in A4 size if available.
6. Photocopy of Passport A photocopy of the page of the applicant's passport showing the applicant's name, birth date, passport number,and photograph.
7. Proof of Examination Fee Payment A document that confirm that the payment has been made; a proof of bank transfer or PayPal receipt.
8. Statement of Purpose An essay written in Japanese regarding the applicant's reason for application and desired field study.
9. Portfolio <not mandatory> Portfolio can include course work, sketchbooks, photographs, drawings, paintings, models, sculptures, websites, videos – anything that supports your application for the subject(s) you want to focus on.
10. Qualitication/ Certificate <not mandatory> Any supporting documents such as language qualifications (JLPT/ EJU/ TOEFL/ TOEIC et cetera) or any other qualification certificates.

Course Fee

Administration Fee ¥100,000
Course Fee ¥504,000 (14 credits)

※ The administration fee and course fee shall be paid in a lump sum before the course starts.

※ If the applicant fails to complete the payment by the deadline, the status of acceptance will be cancelled.

Selection Process

The applicant must take an interview at one of the venues below after submitting all the application documents. The interview will be conducted in Japanese and will takes roughly 15 minutes.

Interview Venue and Schedules

DHU Prep Course in September 2021 is canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Continuing to Pursue a Bachelor's Degree after Prep Course

If you consider applying to DHU, our next intake for the Undergraduate Program will be in April 2022, and the details shall be announced around August 2021.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at nyushi@dhw.ac.jp

Examination Fee

The examination fee can be paid either via bank transfer to the university account or via PayPal (credit card) for those who are residing outside Japan. Please make sure to keep the payment slip once you complete the examination fee payment.

Via bank transfer (overseas remittance)

Swift Code : DIWAJPJT
Account Number 1905830
Account Name Digital Hollywood University
Account Address Ochanomizu Sola City Academia 4th Floor,
4-6 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Via PayPal payment (only for those residing outside of Japan)

We recommend all applicants to pay the examination fee online through PayPal (credit card) to avoid bank administration fees.
If you wish to make a payment via PayPal, please send us an email to nyushi@dhw.ac.jp. We will send you a link to complete the payment.


If you have any questions regarding the Prep Course, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

E-mail: nyushi@dhw.ac.jp
(Multilingual support: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay)