Extracurricular Activites

Getting involved in extracurricular activities outside of your studies is great for both personal and practical reasons. Extracurriculars are not solely about developingstronger professional skills and supplementing education. These activities are also fun and offer students the opportunity to spend time with others of similar interests. Moreover, it also allow students to pursue interests outside of a standardized academic context.

There are various extracurricular activities that students can join when they are enrolled in Digital Hollywood University.


This circle is recommended for those who are aiming to be game creators in the future.


This poker circle are for those whose aim is to be a student poker champion and are interested in brain-training games.

Animation Circle

In this circle, students will learn about hand-drawn animation, the principles of motion and other animation-related knowledge. Moreover, students can freely exchange their opinions with each other.


This circle is recommended for those who enjoy dancing. Besides improving your dancing skills, this dance circle also helps to exercise and relieve stress.

Mont Blanc Entertainment

The purpose of this circle is to share information and deepen students' understanding of Computer Graphic (CG). Activities of this circle include CG work presentation by eachstudent, a seminar on CG and speed modeling contest.

ACSA (Akihibara Culture Studying Association)

This circle aims to deepen exchanges between students with similar interest through games and other pop culture. This circle's activities include anime pilgrimage, fan activities, TRPG, et cetera.

Digital Hollywood Art and Culture Circle

This circle is recommended for those who are interested in art and literature. This circle's activities include writing and analyzing different novels to deepen understanding of literature. Students will also get to improve their writing skills and vocabulary skills through the above activities and discussions with other students.

Esports Fighting Games Circle

This circle aims to improve communication skills and personal development through games and build a connection with students from other universities. This circle's activities include a regular meeting, attending fighting games society gathering, cooperating with other universities to manage fighting games competitions, participating events conducted by other fighting games clubs, et cetera.

Contemporary Basic Physical Ability Development Study Group

This circle aims to deepen mutual friendship among students and to overcome lack of exercise through walking around Kanto area.


The main activity in this circle is producing animation using After Effects. The animation production mainly focuses on visual effects and motion graphics using Adobe After Effects.


This circle is recommend for those who enjoy different genres of music such as rock and jazz. Students in this circle perform live on a regular basis. The main musical instruments used in this circles are guitar and bass.

Military Study Group

This circle is recommended for those who are interested in the military. This circle's activities include sharing information regarding survival games and military-related things. This circle holds a survival game infrequently and also a regular meeting every Wednesday.

and many more...