Courses (2015 Year only)

The curriculum has been updated from 2015 academic year!
The curriculum for learning the comprehensive strength needed by society.

The society needs the talented personnel who possess multiple approaches and skills in digital representation, such as film and web technology, as well as those who are comprehensively equipped with business skills, English proficiency and cultural accomplishments. DHU has completely updated the curriculum from academic year 2015 to offer wide-ranging courses with the goal of developing talented personnel who are in step with times.

*Space is limited for each course. Please note that if the number of requests exceeds available space, the course you wish to take may not be available.

Foreign language

The course is designed to equip students with language proficiency useful in real world. Students are also trained in learning expressions related to each specialized domain in English.


  • Core English I/ II/ III/IV Communication
  • Core English I/ II/ III/IV Production
  • Core English I/ II/ III/IV EAP
  • Basic Content English A/B/C/D/E/F
  • Advanced Content English A/B/C/D/E/F
  • Business English A/B/C/D
  • Pre-study Abroad I/ II
  • Global English I/ II/ III/IV


  • Basic Japanese I/ II/ III/IV
  • Japanese I/ II/ III/IV/V/VI/VII/VIII


  • Korean I/ II/ III/IV
  • Chinese I/ II/ III/IV

Liberal Arts

The liberal arts courses cover broad genres to obtain a perennial well of knowledge.


  • Design history I/ II
  • History of film representation
  • History of animations
  • Game information science
  • What’s mathematics?
  • Computer mathematics
  • Art anatomy I/ II/ III/IV
  • The source of knowledge

The source of knowledge


  • Musical theory
  • The root of modern music
  • Myths around the world
  • Japanese literature
  • Japanese culture history
  • Manga culture theory
  • Architecture culture theory
  • Art history
  • Media art
  • Physical expression

Historical Science

  • Modern history
  • Japanese ancient history
  • American history
  • Islamic history
  • Chinese history

Natural Science

  • Electricity
  • Advanced physics
  • Bio
  • Medical science/Pharmaceutical science
  • Environmental planning with sound and light

Contemporary Culture

  • Content policy theory
  • Innovator theory
  • Fashion theory
  • Introduction to gastronomy
  • Special lecture on contemporary culture


Modern Society

  • Social philosophy
  • Contemporary sociology
  • Socioeconomics
  • Psychology
  • Human communication theory
  • Sustainable theory
  • Sustainable realization theory


  • World’s three great religions
  • Religions of Japan
  • Risks of contemporary religions and believes


  • The origin of laws and laws living in modern society
  • Criminal investigation and trials
  • Criminals and rectification
  • Technology and laws

Introductory courses

Introductory courses train students to learn the basic outlines in various genres to gain basic skills that function as the core of learning.


  • Active learning
  • Social power
  • College life design
  • Career design
  • Office literacy
  • Basic Japanese written expression I/ II
  • Logical thinking I/ II
  • Public speech
  • Japanese written expression I/ II/ III/IV
  • Leadership theory I/ II

Basic Molding

  • Introduction to Creative Thinking I/ II
  • Color theory I/ II/ III/IV
  • Basic drawing
  • Drawing I/ II/ III/IV
  • Advertising idea theory I/ II
  • Advertising production I/ II


  • Digital communication theory
  • Basic ICT compliance
  • Introduction to design I/ II
  • Introduction to web design
  • Introduction to web planning
  • Introduction to web promotion
  • Introduction to web analytics
  • Introduction to CG
  • Filming technique seminar
  • Introduction to film production
  • Introduction to animations
  • Introduction to animation production
  • Engineer literacy
  • Universal design
  • Introduction to media
  • Introduction to the content industry I/ II

Basic Business

  • Basic economics
  • Basic marketing
  • Basic accounting
  • Basic statistics
  • Basic research
  • Event planning
  • Business psychology I/ II
  • Basic planning
  • Project management

Advanced courses

Advanced courses train students to learn theories of specialized education to gain the abilities of expression and creativity in depth.

  • Creative scenario I/ II
  • Film direction I/ II
  • CG short film
  • Animation direction I/ II
  • Real-time graphics techniques
  • Computer technology
  • ICT technology general theory
  • Cloud computing
  • UI/UX
  • Internet marketing
  • Advertising theory
  • Marketing strategy
  • Human resource development theory
  • Basic financial theory
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Branding
  • Social business
  • Character content marketing
  • PR strategy theory
  • Advertising business
  • Sound design
  • Game production & direction
  • Information editing I/ II
  • Modern media representation


Students learn special equipment and software to attain the ability to express on their own.

  • Special lecture I/ II/ III/IV/V/VI
  • Basic tool seminar I/ II
  • 3D modeling I/ II
  • Three-dimensional model making
  • Design basic I/ II/ III/IV
  • Typography I/ II/ III/IV
  • General design seminar
  • Expression seminar I/ II
  • Advanced expression seminar I/ II
  • Layout design I/ II
  • Graphic design I/ II/ III/IV
  • Photography seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • Film shooting seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • Story creation seminar A/B/C/D
  • Scenario creation seminar I/ II
  • Basic film production seminar A/B/C/D
  • Advanced film production seminar A/B/C/D
  • VFX seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • 3DCG seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • Advanced 3DCG seminar A/B/C/D
  • Animation drawing seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • Digital drawing practice tracing seminar I/ II
  • Character design key animation seminar I/ II
  • Art seminar I/ II
  • Animation shooting/Composite seminar I/ II
  • Animation scenario seminar I/ II
  • Website markup seminar
  • Website styling seminar
  • Website prototype seminar
  • Web design seminar I/ II
  • Website expression basic seminar
  • Website production practice seminar I/ II
  • Website production project seminar
  • Advanced web site expression seminar A/B
  • C language program seminar I/ II
  • C++ programming seminar I/ II
  • Web program seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • Smartphone application program seminar I/ II
  • Game development seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • Network construction seminar
  • Database seminar
  • System design basics

Extramural courses

Extramural courses offer wide-ranging classes outside the classroom, which are certified as credits.

  • Global Action I/ II/ III/IV
  • Extramural courses I/ II
  • Internship I/ II
  • Corporate seminar

Research courses

Students select the main domain from seminars spanning the whole range to work on the production of graduation project.

  • Seminar I/ II/ III/IV
  • Graduation project assignment
  • Graduation project assignment supplementary course I/ II